ZIPLEVEL  PRO-2000 enables one person, working alone, to quickly survey sites or set installation levels.
Benefit from speed of set-up and ease of use when setting out and installing paving, decking, fencing, water features, steps, pathways and drainage. Check the depth of excavations; achieve perfectly level patios and terraces; work around two or three sides of a building without having to re-position the instrument.
It is a high precision instrument that measures height differences and checks or transfer levels. In one set-up, it can transfer a level up to 30m in any direction from its Base, and can measure height differences to a precision of 2mm over a height of 12m, or an unprecedented 0.2mm over 1.2m. It does the calculations for you and displays the results digitally.
It will work around corners and obstructions; in deep excavations; from room to room, floor to floor and from inside a building to outside. It is compact and light weight, easy to use and requires virtually no set-up. It can store up to 137 measurements that can be recalled later, and will work over unlimited heights and distances and around any obstacle – unlike laser and dumpy levels
It is compact, lightweight, robust, easy to use and requires virtually no set-up. Use it also to measure structural deflection or to check and monitor buildings for subsidence.
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