Don’t leave statues uncovered this winter

Cliveden Conservation is reminding owners and managers of gardens, parks and properties that Winter Covers for sculptures and decorative stonework need to be ordered now before the cold and rainy weather arrives. Each cover is made to measure and comes with a three-layer system combining moisture permeable outer & inner fabric layers and an internal insulating fibre.
Winter Covers are a simple yet cost effective solution which has been developed by Cliveden Conservation with involvement with the National Trust, as a way of protecting precious sculptures and stonework from fluctuations in temperature and rainwater. The covers, which are made in either a cylinder or box shape, have been designed for standing statues and urns but can also be adapted for most bench and rectangular shaped objects.
The three-layered system of the cover consists of a waterproof and windproof outer layer, an inner layer made from a high-density weave fabric to prevent moisture absorption yet still allowing the object to ‘breathe’, and an internal insulating fibre to reduce temperature differentials. The shape of the cover also allows for air circulation to prevent the object from ‘sweating’.
Drawstring fastenings and the lightness of the material make the cover easy and quick to position and remove. An optional open side seam fastened by Velcro is available for large or difficult to access statues. Winter Covers are durable and can be cleaned in a commercial washing machine before being stored away in their bag ready for the next winter season.
Manufacture time for the covers takes between two to six weeks from the order date and submission of measurements. Cliveden Conservation offers an additional service for site visits to assess and measure sculptures and decorative stonework.

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