Eight years protection

Sadolin Superdec user Gary Davies has gone on camera to talk about his passion for colour using the wood protection product.
The video showcases a number of projects carried out in Devon, and includes an insight into how the colour choices were made at each site.
Gary is a strong advocate of Sadolin Superdec and, since launching Lyme Bay Cabins five years ago, has specified its use to all his clients.
He believes the superiority of the self-priming product in term of its application and finish, coupled with outstanding colour choice and longevity, make it the only product of choice.
Gary said: “There’s a growing focus on really defining spaces outdoors and putting great personality into projects, and for this the choice of shades is really important.
“It enables people to create their own unique buildings with great charm and great character.
“Whether making an outdoor building really bold and beautiful, or just using a tone that blends into the surroundings, Sadolin Superdec has got fantastic colours within the range.
“The options are absolutely endless and the quality of the product means the colour is going to last for the long-term.”
Available in over 300 shades, Sadolin Superdec is renowned for its comprehensive colour palette, as well as its outstanding protective qualities, which together make it one of the most popular ranges within the Sadolin brand for specifers.
Sadolin Superdec offers a highly durable opaque finish which erodes naturally by weathering, ensuring the coating remains flexible and resists cracking, peeling and flaking.
This flexibility enables Sadolin Superdec to offer up to against the elements.
The product is also self-priming and undercoating, thus reducing the need for an extra product on new wood. It also requires little preparation, and can be applied over previously decorated surfaces.


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