Grass reinforcement

TERRAM  has expanded its  GrassProtecta range of grass reinforcement mesh products.
The product is  specifically produced to reinforce and protect grass surfaces that are prone to becoming damaged by vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
GrassProtecta Lite is a 10mm mesh suitable for withstanding the pressures of occasional car parking and heavy pedestrian traffic. The solution is ideal for paths on golf courses or car parking areas that are not in regular use.
GrassProtecta  Medium is a 13mm-thick mesh suitable for overspill parking, cycle paths with occasional maintenance vehicle access and regular residential parking.
GrassProtecta Heavy offers additional strength through a 14.5mm mesh. The product is suitable for paths with regular vehicle access, event parking spaces or occasional industrial vehicle parking. GrassProtecta® Heavy is also ideal for caravan sites and areas where greater support is required.
All GrassProtecta products are manufactured in the UK using high quality recycled and virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE) at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Maldon, Essex. Each solution is available in rolls of 1m or 2m wide with lengths of 10m or 20m.

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