Building blocks

L&S Waste has developed a new multipurpose interlocking block, made from 100% recycled aggregate.
The ECOblock system is ideal for creating temporary road blocks, protecting vacant sites from unwanted visitors, preventing fly tipping and site security. The system can also be used for constructing silage clamps or storage bays of various sizes.
L&S Waste managing director, Mick Balch, said: “Waste arising from construction and demolition constitutes one of the largest waste streams within the UK, however, much of this potentially useful material ends up as landfill. The environmental and economic implications of this are no longer considered sustainable and, as a result, there is greater pressure to overcome this practice.
“On the other hand, in recent years the wisdom of continued wholesale extraction and use of aggregates from natural resources has been questioned at an international level. This is mainly because of the depletion of quality primary aggregates and greater awareness of environmental protection.
“At L&S we are always looking at innovative ways in which to diversify the business and make best use of the resources available to us. The new ECOblocks has proved an excellent way of achieving this and provides our customers with a cost effective product with a multitude of applications.”
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