Dual purpose Dung Beetle

The Wessex Dung Beetle is a dual purpose machine powered by a durable Honda engine or PTO and it’s easily towed by an ATV, 4×4 or car with a ball hitch.
Using highly durable and stiff polypropylene brushes the Dung Beetle effectively sweeps everything in its path, collecting leaves and other debris as well as clearing up the horse muck to leave the paddock a clean and healthy environment for grazing.
Another benefit, one that’s not gained with a vacuum type machine the grooming action of the brushes helps clear away thatch to promote fresh growth of the grass.
There are also adjustable spring tines that rake through the grass and loosen stubborn muck to aid the brushes with collection.
Because the Dung Beetle runs on its own four wheels there’s no weight on the drawbar of the towing vehicle, which means there is maximum stability, and this is coupled with a swivelling ball hitch as an added safety measure.
Front castoring wheels enable the machine to follow ground contours to ensure the optimum collection. When the hopper is full it’s a simple matter of rolling it over with the aid of a hand operated winch, to leave a neat discharge on the ground or muck heap.
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