Standing in front of the Brick Press are (L to R):Joe Duggan (Hanson), David Szymanski (Hanson), Tony Talbot, Sara McEachran (DHL Supply Chain), Adrian Thompson (The Landscape Partnership), Barry Cooper (Hanson) and Tom Renphrey (DHL Supply Chain)

The history of large-scale brick making in Bedfordshire may have come to an end but, thanks to Hanson Building Products, The Landscape Partnership (TLP), DHL Supply Chain and the Forest of Marston Vale, the industry now has a permanent tribute.
A ten tonne brick press and a pan roller which once worked the lumps out of clay, has been donated by Hanson Building Products.
The immense machines, vital to the brick making process, were unveiled on 26th November by David Szymanski – Managing Director of Hanson Building Products, on the eve of his retirement from a lifetime in the brick industry.
David Szymanski said: “I was delighted to have the opportunity to present this machinery to the Forest of Marston Vale which is playing such an important role in regenerating the landscape of the brickworks. My father came to the Vale from Poland in 1947 and I worked in the brick industry all my life. Like so many people here I feel great sadness at the passing of this proud industry, so it is a great honour to be able to hand over this machinery as a lasting tribute to the Vale’s industrial heritage.”

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