Perennial Back to School Support

Perennial provides help with cost of school uniform for hard-hit families working in horticulture with ‘Back to School’ Support

With 30% of British children living in poverty and the impact of COVID-19 hitting families hard, Perennial is ready to support children of those working in horticulture with their return to school this September. Families can receive help towards the cost of school uniform and PE kit by visiting

With the latest government figures showing that 30% of all children in the UK living in relative poverty, the need to support our most vulnerable families has never been greater.  COVID-19 has exasperated an already critical situation. According to a report by The Children’s Society, the income of low earners is being affected the most by the pandemic, which, along with school closures, is having a devastating effect on children living in poverty.
A recent survey by the National Education Union revealed that 87% of teachers believe that poverty is having a significant impact on student success at school. They shared widespread concern about school uniforms with children wearing ill-fitting clothing, no coats or socks, and shoes with holes in them.  This not only causes a deep emotional impact on children but also their success at school, with children from poorer backgrounds falling behind their more affluent peers throughout all stages of education.
Perennial, the only UK charity for people in horticulture, is ready to support families to meet the rising costs of getting children back to school by providing help towards the cost of school uniform and PE kit.  This is essential help at a time when many families are struggling to meet the cost of food and other essentials.
The professional and friendly team at Perennial can help families access the government support that can make a long-term difference to their lives, along with providing a safety net of financial help, where at least one parent or carer works or has recently worked in horticulture.
Many hard-working families working in horticulture are finding themselves in poverty. According to the Child Poverty Action Group, almost three-quarters of children in poverty come from families where at least one adult is working.  Of those with self-employed parents, 15% of children are living below the breadline.
Perennial’s support scheme was launched in 2019 and was very well received with one parent saying: “I am relieved and humbled that you have helped us with the children’s uniform and shoes. Thank you so much for your support and advice too. It feels financially overwhelming at the moment and we are grateful for this help.” 
According to a report by The Children’s Society, the average cost of secondary school uniform, per year per child, is £337. Parents of primary school age children spend an average of £315 per year, per child. Many people simply can’t afford new uniform and for those forced to purchase uniform from specific suppliers, the costs can result in debt or the family going without other essentials.
To find out more about the Back to School support and apply for help visit and complete the online form. Applications close on Monday 31st August.

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