Stop invasive and unwanted weeds

Get Rid of Weeds For Good

Uninvited weeds can take over your garden and ruin it, stealing space and nutrients from your plants. Stopping invasive and unwanted weeds and vegetation is a perennial issue for municipalities, landscapers and green space contractors.

So, how can you prevent weeds from growing and stop them from ever coming back? The Landscaper Magazine has rounded up the best allies for winning the weed control fight in your outside space. Scroll below for the easiest ways to remove weeds without using harmful chemicals…

1. Southwest Japanese Knotweedinvasive and unwanted weeds

Japanese knotweed removal, control, identification, surveys and treatment in Cornwall, Devon, Bristol and Somerset, UK. Mortgage compliant solutions with a 10-year guarantee.

Southwest Japanese Knotweed has a number of cost-effective remediation techniques to control and eradicate nuisance invasive weeds, such as Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed. All are covered by warranty. 

For advice on Japanese Knotweed call Southwest Knotweed who will conduct a survey and establish the best cause of action see below:

  • Southwest Japanese Knotweed Removal Cornwall, Quarry Cottage, Sunny Corner, Portloe, Truro, Cornwall TR2 5RB   Tel: 01872 500909  
  • Southwest Japanese Knotweed Removal Devon, The Generator Quay House, The Gallery, Kings Wharf, The Quay, Exeter, Devon  EX2 4AN. Tel: 01392 927390   
  •  Southwest – Japanese Knotweed Removal Bristol Somerset, The Exchange, Express Park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater, Somerset  TA6 4RR Tel: 01278 247869
  • For more details please visit:

2. Weedingtech

Since 2011 a UK company, Weedingtech,  has been developing a range of machines to deliver its patented Foamstream process to tackle problematic weeds without the use of harmful herbicides.

The Foamstream process is a low-pressure solution. It is herbicide-free and works by combining hot water and a biodegradable foam made of natural plant oils and sugars to help control weeds, moss and algae including invasive species.

The foam blanket ensures heat delivered in the hot water stays on the plant long enough to provide the most effective and efficient plant kill in the herbicide-free space. Suitable for use in any weather and on all surfaces, Foamstream is safe for use around people, animals and delicate environments including water.

From the outset, Weedingtech’s primary objective has been to provide organisations with a sustainable solution for the safe management of outside spaces, whilst also protecting the public and the wider environment.

Foamstream already has a global reach and is being used major cities including London, New York, Dublin, Miami, Manchester. Outside of the municipal sector, Weedingtech boasts clients in the areas such as utilities, tourism, education and private/corporate estates – with the Eden Project in St. Austell being one of the more recent adopters.

In addition, Foamstream has been approved for use across the UK, EU and USA as an organic biocide and can be used for deep-cleaning and sanitisation purposes such as to reduce the transmission of harmful viruses like COVID-19 and other pathogens including non-sporulating bacteria and fungi.

As such, applying Foamstream’s extreme heat to hard surfaces, such as park benches, bus stops, play areas and other outdoor areas of high human contact where the virus may linger, will help reduce viral transmissions. 

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