Salvia Blue Marvel takes best in show at New Plant Awards

Salvia Blue Marvel from Darby Nursery Stock has been crowned best in show at the New Plant Awards on the opening morning of the HTA National Plant Show. The show, sponsored by Hortipak, takes place today and tomorrow (21 and 22 June) at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry.

 The New Plant Awards, sponsored by the RHS, are the beating heart of the show and create an area bursting with inspiration for our visitors.

 Salvia Blue Marvel is a striking deep blue Salvia with the largest flowers of this type of Salvia. It re-blooms reliably over a long period.

 Judging Panel member Jim Gardiner, Executive Vice-President of RHS  comments, “As a panel of judges we were really thrilled with the large number of new plants put forward. The quality and vibrancy of new plant introductions is in good hands in this country.”

 He adds, ”The judges were really excited by the quality of all the category winners. However, the best in show, Salvia Blue Marvel, was for all of us a revelation in breeding of an already established herbaceous plant. The flower quality and in particular the size of Salvia Blue Marvel was quite exceptional. This plant will see uses far beyond the herbaceous border.”

 The winners are:

Gold and Best in Category –  Petunia Tumbelina Maria                   Channel Island Plants UK

Gold                     Calibrachoa Rave Pink                                                              Pentland Plants
Gold                     Begonia Funky Pink                                                                    Benary
Gold                     Bella Fuchsia Lydia                                                                      Javado UK
Gold                     Bella Fuchsia Olivia                                                                     Javado UK

Silver                   Nemesia Aroma Yellows Rhubarb & Custard                Channel Island Plants

Bronze                Petunia Chic Collection Raspberry Stripe                      Earley Ornamentals
Bronze                Petunia Chic Collection Rose Star                                      Earley Ornamentals
Bronze                Petunia Tumblelina Francesca                                             Channel Island Plants UK
Bronze                Calibrachoa Caloha Bumble Bee                                         Channel Island Plants UK
Bronze                Nemesia Aroma Yellows Plums & Custards                   Channel Island Plants UK

Herbaceous Perennials
Gold and Best in Category – Salvia Blue Marvel                                   Darby Nursery Stock

Gold                     Geum Scarlet Tempest                                                              Allensmore Nurseries

Silver                   Tiarella Angel Wings                                                                   Seoint Nurseries
Silver                   Geranium Miss Heidi                                                                   Johnsons of Whixley

Bronze                Geranium ‘Foundlings Friend’                                              Kernock Park Plants
Bronze                Salvia guarantica Black & Bloom                                        Javado UK
Bronze                Cirsium Frosted Magic                                                               Fairweathers/Lowaters
Bronze                Salvia Joy                                                                                         Darby Nursery Stock
Bronze                Salvia nemorosa hort. Rianne                                              Javado UK

Gold and Best in Category – Begonia Elatior Valentino Pink       Garden Centre Fresh

Silver                   Phalaenopsis Tinkerbell                                                          Profitplant UK
Silver                   Saintpaulia Blue Wave                                                               Javado UK
Silver                   Oncidium Claudia Black Eye                                                  Javado UK

Bronze                Clerodendrum Thompsoniae Helios                                 Profitplant UK
Bronze                Spathiphyllum Romeo Cupido                                             Garden Centre Fresh
Bronze                Brassia Shelob Tolkien                                                             Javado UK

Shrubs and Climbers
Gold and Best in Category –Rose Lovely Parfuma                               Rosemasters

Gold                     Clematis Nubia Evipo59                                                           Darby Nursery Stock

Silver                   Pieris Japonica Polar Passion                                              Profitplant UK
Silver                   Hebe Celebration                                                                         The Bransford Webbs Plant Company
Silver                   Buddleja x Blue Chip Junior                                                  The Bransford Webbs Plant Company
Sliver                   Buddleja x NC20102 Pink Micro Chip                                The Bransford Webbs Plant Company
Silver                   Hydrangea macr Magical Ruby Tuesday                         Garden Centre Fresh
Silver                   Lavandula Meerio                                                                        Fairweathers Nursery
Silver                   Rosa Pretty Parfuma                                                                  Rosemasters
Silver                   Rosa Royal Parfuma                                                                    Rosemasters
Silver                   Rosa Secret Parfuma                                                                  Rosemasters
Silver                   Rosa Lovely Parfuma                                                                  Rosemasters
Silver                   Hibiscus Magenta Chiffon                                                       Farplants
Silver                   Hydrangea macr. Charming by Magical Lisa                 Javado UK
Silver                   Hydrangea macr. Charming by Magical Lisa Blue      Javado UK
Silver                   Hibiscus syriacus ‘America Irene Scott’ Sugar Tip     The Bransford Webbs Plant Company

Bronze                 Rhododendron Golden Green Gift                                      Garden Centre Fresh
Bronze                 Lonicera nitida ‘Van Gogh’                                                      Profitplant UK
Bronze                 Hydrangea Tutti Frutti                                                               Darby Nursery Stock
Bronze                Clematis Pamina                                                                          New Leaf Plants

Trees and Conifers
Gold and Best in Category –  Betula pendula ‘Fastigiata Joes’ EU20141206     – Frank P Matthews

Silver                   Prunus domestica ‘Toptaste’ Kulinaria                           Frank P Matthews
Silver                   Acer platanoides ‘Sensation’ Ulmers Sensation        Frank P Matthews

This year’s judging panel include Marcus Cousins from Aylett Nurseries, David Mitchell from Wyevale Garden Centres, David Hurrion from Gardeners World Magazine, Michael Perry from Thompson &

Morgan and Jim Gardiner from RHS. All the entries were validated by Joy of Plants.

In addition to the formal announcement in the New Plant Awards area on the opening morning of the show we will also have a seminar session focussing on the winners where Andy McIndoe along with our judging panel will highlight the victorious plants and give you the background on their benefits and how these can bolster your plantarea offering.

All New Plant Award entries can be viewed at the show and visitors too can have their say by taking part in the Visitor Vote Awards, sponsored by Floramedia. The winner of the Visitor Vote Award will be announced on the afternoon of Wednesday 24 June.

The HTA National Plant Show takes place on 21 and 22 June at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire. For more information and to register in advance please visit

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