It seems that eight weeks of campaigning by the ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ campaigns has done little to change the overall voting intentions of BALI members who responded to the association’s second Brexit poll, with 75 members (54%) intending to vote ‘remain’ and 63 (46%) in favour of leaving the European Union. 138 members responded.
There have, however, been subtle shifts in voting intentions by specific membership categories. BALI’s Registered Designers voted to remain, but with an increased majority of almost 4:1 (as against 2:1 in the earlier poll), whereas the majority of BALI’s Registered Contractors who responded again voted to leave but saw their majority reduced by 3% compared with the April poll.
The association’s Affiliate members (suppliers of products and services) favour remaining (56%) but with the gap closing as the percentage of those intending to vote ‘Leave’ increased from 36% to 44%. Students again favoured ‘Remain’ with a 2:1 majority but Training Providers (based on five responses) were three responses in favour of Brexit against two ‘Remain’.
BALI’s Chief Executive Wayne Grills said: “The EU Referendum is an event of such enormous importance to individuals and their families that it is no wonder it is
generating such passionate views on both sides. Our members will be going through the very same thought processes as are people right across the country, trying to reach a decision that will provide the best future for them and their children. Whichever way our members vote on the EU and whatever the outcome, BALI will do everything in its power to support members and their businesses.”
The Landscapers readers poll which closed at midnight also came up with roughly the same results with 55 % stating they would vote remain. 

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