First Trilo

Trilo develops and produces multifunctional vacuum sweepers, units and blowers and is a leading brand in the European market.
It all started in 1932 when farmer’s son Cees van Loen started as a blacksmith. By the end of the Second World War the company was delivering machines for the agriculture sector by becoming a regional dealer for tractors, implements, and equipment’s for the dairy industry.
At this time the company’s philosophy was borne as one of “low profile and hands on”.
By 1973 the first machine was developed to collect grass clippings on a turf farm. This took the company into a different league and saw Cees van Loen transfer the management of the company in 1974 over to his three sons (Cees van Loen, Leo van Loen and Louis van Loen). They focused R&D on machines for the turf industry and thus the first ‘Trilo’ was born.
Named Trilo to signify 3 brothers (TRI) and LO (for van Loen) pictured above.

You can read more about this fascinating firm and it’s UK distributor The Grass Group in the next edition of The Landscaper.