Simon Tullet Machinery…….Saltex 2011

Simon Tullett Machinery (STM) Despite the progress in grass-cutting technology, with ride-ons of increasing size and versatility and robot mowers a comprehensive range of which is, of course, available from Simon Tullett Machinery Co there will always be a place for the walk-behind mower.
Estate and Council teams up and down the country always have them in their maintenance arsenal for the fine detail work that’s just too fiddly or time consuming with a ride-on.

So – if you’re going to consider a workhorse pedestrian [with rotary, flail, reel or Safety Cut deck] – look at the SCAG range. And also think of its history- they have over twenty-five years of manufacturing history behind them.
Starting with the belt-drive range – the SFW and its increased spec brother the SW – you then move into the SWZ Zero-Turn range, with a vast array of options. For bank work, the most popular SCAG pedestrian version of the SWZ is a 48” deck with twin driving wheel option.
To show that nothing “stands still” in the pedestrian mowing world, STM introduced the Humus “Safety Cut” deck [radically reduced risk of “fly-out” of dangerous debris whilst operating] and SCAG introduced the “Pro-V” unit, with impressively simplified hand controls. This completes the comprehensive walk-behind range.
STM have a dealership network in the UK and on the Continent, and are always keen to back up the claims for SCAG machinery with a demonstration.
Tel: 01789 488450

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