ePowerTrucks…….Saltex 2011

ePower Trucks, (V12) is launching two new products at the show
The Alke XT320E electric UTV was first shown as a prototype at IOG Saltex 2010 and the production model makes its UK debut at this year’s event. It is capable of 60 miles on a full charge of its pure lead acid battery pack and the flat bed can carry a 1,000kg payload. The battery technology is adapted from successful military use and requires zero maintenance. Fully road-legal, the XT320E is also rated to tow loads of up to 1,500kg on the road.
This innovative vehicle is also available with a double battery pack, increasing the range to 120 miles. Available in 2WD and 4WD, the multi-purpose UTV is designed for applications including facilities maintenance, estates management and landscaping. Priced from just £29,000, this is the most cost-competitive 3.5t electric vehicle on the UK market.
They are also showcasing the heavy duty eLXD utility truck from Global Electric Motors (GEM). It has a top speed of 28mph and an extended roaming range of 50 miles per charge, which is ideal for use in parks and gardens. It costs less than 2p per mile to run, has an impressive 630kg payload and body configurations include cargo storage box, flatbed pick-up with drop sides, or 500kg tipper with manual hydraulic pump.
Zero emission at the point of use and low cost to run and maintain, other benefits include being able to write down the entire cost of the vehicle in the first year of ownership. GEM has sold more than 40,000 electric vehicles worldwide, to customers including NASA, the US Army, various police forces, municipals and private companies.
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