Artificial Grass Maintenance…….Saltex 2011

Artificial Grass Maintenance will launch the Triple Renew2 at this year’s show

The Triple Renew takes only thirty minutes to brush and decompact a full size pitch. Ideal for use as a regular maintenance unit on all weather surfaces including sand filled, sand dressed and 3rd generation, the Triple Renew is able to brush, decompact, distribute and finish the surface in one pass.
Custom designed brushes lift the pile and loosen the infill, fully adjustable angled tines decompact giving a softer rejuvenated playing surface while a flexible spreader bar distributes and levels infill.
The Triple Renew has a compact foldout design and includes a portable stand for easy storage. Pulled by a minimum of 26-horse power tractor the Triple Renew is fitted with a category 1, 3 point linkage and has a working width of 336cm.
TEl 01354 654 422.

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