New utility vehicles

David Curtis test drives the new RTV400Ci and RTV500
The Kubota Corporation of Japan was established in 1890 and has since become a leading international force in the manufacture of construction and groundcare machinery including a wide range of tractors and excavators.
The firm has launched a new range of compact and high performance all terrain utility vehicles. Although these new machines will eventually be launched to the whole of Europe the UK will be the first European country where they will be made available.
Constructed in Atlanta, Georgia, the new 4WD Kubota RTV400Ci and RTV500 have been designed to offer a powerful, robust and reliable utility vehicle that provides users with exceptional handling and a host of innovative features to maximise control, even in the toughest of conditions.
Both machines handled extremely well over a dry but challenging off road track. The compact nature of the RTV400Ci and RTV500 mean the vehicles have an excellent centre of gravity and equal weight distribution. All the wheels have robust semi-independent rear suspension systems to compensate for rough terrain and uneven ground.

Dynamic braking, helping users to maintain total control during ascents and descents with engine assisted deceleration. Once you have mastered the art of keeping your foot off the brake and generally allowing the vehicle do the work for you even the most challenging terrain can be tackled.
They easy to drive and operate with well placed clear controls and comfortable seating and offer ample leg room making it easy to get on and off the vehicles.
The excellent acceleration and responsiveness in both the RTV400Ci and RTV500 is because of an efficient electronic fuel injection (EFI) system.
The RTV400Ci incorporates a new, high revving 16HP air-cooled, single cylinder petrol engine, along with Kubota’s newly designed CVT Plus (Continuously Variable Transmission) with inertial clutch.
The CVT Plus keeps the vehicle’s double cogged, wide belt drive system tight at all times, resulting in minimal slippage, giving drivers greater response and better durability.
Similar in power, the RTV500 features a 15.8HP, two-cylinder petrol engine. However, the RTV500 engine is liquid cooled to ensure reliability and to minimise noise and vibration. This reduces operator fatigue and increases the efficiency of the vehicle.
Other key features of the both the RTV400Ci and RTV500 include a standard frame integrated ROPS and a manually tilting dumping cargo bed that can haul up to 200kg of dirt, gravel or hay for example.
Adrian Langmead, Kubota’s business development manager, told The Landscaper, “The new RTV400Ci and RTV500 have been specifically launched to strengthen our range of utility vehicles and ensure we have the right machine for every application.
“The EFI system helps to eliminate cold starting issues and manual choke adjustments that can often plague other carbureted utility vehicles that are available on the market from some of our competitors. The key benefits of this include increased reliability and improved engine serviceability.”
Driving around a farm on the warmest day for seven months I got to know these new machines reasonably well – they are a quality act and are going to have strong impact on a growing market.
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