Prize Winning Pools

The Design Frog King for the Natural Pool and Living Pool has been awarded for many years for the best pools of the year, and is one of the most sought after awards amongst partners of the company BIOTOP. This year’s winners were chosen amongst a total of 15 finalists, and despite the stiff competition, again the defending champions prevailed.
The inventor of the natural swimming pool has successfully exported his idea worldwide. The Biotop partner network stretches from Europe to Australia, with joint revenues of roughly EUR 11 million. BIOTOP was the first to recognize that to be able to swim in pure natural water – or even just to gaze at it – in one’s own garden would be the fulfillment of a dream. In the meantime, the use of chemicals in the garden, but particularly in swimming pools, has become increasingly unattractive for countless people.
For a long time a natural pool was the only alternative to a conventional chlorinated pool. In the meantime bio pools have also arrived on the scene and their market share is rising steadily. And with its Living Pool BIOTOP has developed a product that looks like a conventional pool, but is cleaned with both a bio filter and a phosphorus filter. With a bio pool there are no chemicals and the water remains in the pool all year round. And in addition a natural pool creates a further habitat for endangered species, like the tree frog.

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