Opportunity time!

Envirolay , based in sw London, is now looking to develop links with professional landscapers. playground installers and councils after acquiring Dunweeding .
Envirolay will undertake an extensive marketing campaign for the brand, which now meets all the safety standards required for it to be used as crumb in playgrounds as well as nearly all other landscaping applications.
The product is produced, using 20mm crumb from shredded tyres, at a site in Croydon. Up to 20,000 tonnes of tyres a year are set to be recycled into high-quality rubber mulch and chipping for playgrounds and landscaping .
Envirolay was established by Paul Foster, who has 20 years’ experience in the waste management sector. Paul says " We take a cheap material worth around £50 – we then apply our process, which removes steel and fibre and then, grades the material to a very high specification."
“We were delighted to have been able to purchase Dunweedi ng, we will be keeping a very good brand alive”

Envirolay have also introduced Play Bark which is also a coloured rubber but looks more like bark than a chipping.

What the customers say…
Royal Horticultural Society Gardens, Wisley
“Rubber crumb was incorporated into the top few inches of lawn in areas that were badly worn due to the thousands of visitors to the garden each year. Four years later the grass was still in fine condition and the feel underfoot is much improved.”
Tom Benson of Ham Polo Club, London
“After a long conversation with Paul Esterhuizen, Head Grounds man at Windsor, I decided to use Dunweedin’ rubber crumb on our grounds and I can now see why he was so enthusiastic, it has made a remarkable difference to our own lawns.”
Mr Donald Boddy. Mayfields Remembrance Park, Eastham, Wirral
“We have used Dunweedin’ rubber crumb in our new pathways and the results have been fantastic. We use recycled products wherever possible and this not only fulfils that requirement but is proving to be highly effective throughout the Park in all conditions. We intend to extend the use of this product wherever possible in our gardens.”

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