Worth checking out …..The Insect Hotel

The Warwickshire-based charity Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) – the UK’s leading provider of farm conservation advice to farmers and landowners – has recently benefited from a substantial donation from Bullring, the West Midlands region’s premier shopping destination in Birmingham.
The donation has been made as part of Bullring’s charitable and social responsibility programme which sees it support a range of local charities and organise awareness raising events. At their “Green Week”, held in June 2009, visitors were able to receive advice and information from a range of organisations on how to adapt their lifestyle to benefit the environment. FWAG hosted a stand at the event and gave out information leaflets on how to build an “Insect Hotel”, a structure that is easily built in a back garden and which can help a range of invertebrates and other wildlife further up the food chain.
Andy Ormiston, Managing Director of FWAG said “We are most grateful to Bullring for their generous donation to our activities that was made during our 40th anniversary year. The challenge facing farmers today is to produce enough food to feel a growing global population whilst protecting and conserving their natural resources. FWAG advice to farmers helps them to farm commercially whilst also protecting the UK’s historic landscape and biodiversity for generations to come.

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