Best Driveway Transformation Hambrooks/Marshalls

Hambrooks recently won two awards at the Marshalls trade road show, one for ‘Best Project by New Regional Member’ and one as runner up for ‘Best Driveway Transformation’.
Designer Wayne Brans said, “I was totally surprised and of course thrilled that we won these awards in our first year of being an approved contactor of Marshalls because their standards are very high and this particular project was not your average job.”
The original driveway was on a steep slope, which had an existing garage built into it. Wayne had to devise complex specifications to fit the owner’s own ideas of what he wanted, which was to improve access to the house, in an attractive and appealing design in addition to providing extra parking at the property.
Brans added, “The owner had a basic drawing of what he wanted but essentially had no idea how it would could possibly work so was apprehensive about the project. This was a real challenge for us and we set about the task determined to get it right for him.”
There were further complications with design considerations required to include detail around drains, which were essential for proper drainage off a sloping site. The end result was a visually appealing and functional driveway.

Marshalls supplys the landscaping and construction markets with a range of natural stone and bricks for drives, gardens and commercial landscapes. All approved contractors must adhere to strict workmanship guidelines, which are backed by a 10 year product

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