Winch and chute…The Badger

The Badger, manufactured by Hud-Son, is a firewood processor that utilises a ‘winch and chute’ mechanism. This means that any length of timber up to 16” in diameter can be loaded into the machine without the need of large grabs or cranes.
Once loaded, the timber is drawn into the machine with the winch while the chain saw head cuts any pre set length required. The cut log then drops into the splitting hopper where it is split on the two or four way wedge.
The Badger is powered by a 16hp Briggs and Stratton engine, meaning that the machine can work without the need of a tractor, making it totally independent.

Tel: +44 (0)1428 661222

The Badger will make it’s debut appearance in the UK on Stand 375-400 at the APF 2010 exhibition, Cannock Chase, Staffordshire (23rd – 25th September). To see a demonstration of The Badger online, search ‘Hud-Son The Badger’ on
Just Saws is a division of Charterhouse Turf Machinery

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