Worsley Plant have conducted a video experiment to show potential customers why they should consider a Remu Screening Bucket to replace their existing Riddle Bucket.
The video demonstrates just how much smoother, quicker and easier it is to screen soil with the EX80 Bucket.
‘BEFORE REMU’ the machine and driver are taking a bit of a pounding using the Riddle Bucket, potentially leading to a big machine repair bill with all that unnecessary shaking, not to mention the driver feeling rattled.
Yet ‘AFTER REMU’ the results are clear to see, and would without doubt lead to time and cost savings for the customer and much less wear on machine and driver.
Worsley Plant is one of the UK’s leading providers of materials processing equipment to the recycling, demolition, construction, landscaping and waste management industries. Wheel loader and excavator-mounted screening and crushing buckets, demolition attachments, as well as density separation equipment are all available for sale or hire nationwide.
Find out how a Remu Screening Bucket can help your business save time, money and the environment by calling us now on 01606 83 55 44, visiting www.worsleyplant.co.uk or emailing us at info@worsleyplant.co.uk.

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