Weedingtech – Cost-effective weed control

Weedingtech, a world leader in herbicide-free weed, moss and algae control have produced a contact application delivery method which is cost-effective and they claim, superior to all alternative, environmentally-friendly methods on the market.
 Known as the Foamstream process, it is a combination of hot water and a naturally derived,  patented biodegradable foam, Foamstream, which is delivered through one of Weedingtech’s state-of-the-art delivery sytems.
The process works due to the foam creating a thermal blanket which keeps the heat on the weed for longer, leading to a breakdown in cell structure, killing the weed and sterilising any surround seeds or spores.
Safe for use around humans, animals, water ways and amongst delicate eco-systems, Foamstream is also approved for organic use. It can be used in all weather and requires fewer annual treatment cycles compared to herbicide-free alternatives like hot-water, steam and traditional methods, and as a result, has been shown to be ‘up to nine times cheaper, faster and more cost-effective as a weed control system compared to other methods’.
Weedingtech currently have two delivery systems; the MW series and their latest release, the Foamstream Municial which is smaller, lighter and has enhanced user function over its sister machine.
Ergonomically designed, the machines are simple and easy-to-use for the operator, require no specialist training or protective clothing and eliminate the need for labour-intensive traditional methods such as hand-weeding and strimming.
In addition to their standard applicator lance, Weedingtech have developed a range of additional lances for use on their machines extending the scope of their offering, allowing the end user solutions for gum removal and street cleaning.


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