Formerly a service facility for the 2012 Olympics, Drapers Field was redesigned by Kinnear Landscape Architects (KLA) as a vibrant community space, improving sport and play provision and encouraging more children into activity both play and sport.
The area uses a wave theme, with pre-fabricated modular concrete going through the site, the waves extending throughout the landscape, creating grass waves perfect for running over, rolling down. Ben Smith of Kinnear Landscape Architect at KLA comments:-
“The corrugated surface – or waves – are fundamental to the scheme allowing the whole space to become intrinsically playful without clear definition of function. This ambiguous nature, creates all kinds of dynamic and unpredictable opportunities for social interaction, play and community cohesion between different user groups.”
The play area is a corrugated landform made of grass and concrete with climbing and water based play. The corrugated forms enhance the play opportunities and challenges of play equipment. Water play will involve pumping water, controlling flow through channels and creating splash pools.
KLA selected a number of Timberplay pieces to add to the site, including a see saw pump, and mushroom pump, spray heads, ball valve and conference tubes (speaking tubes located in different areas of the site). The water equipment is situated within the concrete waves, adding a further dimension to this innovative and inspirational play feature.
The park also includes a bespoke play structure, designed by KLA, alongside other play pieces. The soft landscaping was carried out by Bayliss and the main contractor was Caseys.

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