Unlimited attachments

Ronnie Macrae believes the extra versatility and productivity his Engcon tiltrotator gives him will be more important than ever as the economic slow down begins to bite.

Based near Inverness, Ronnie undertakes a variety of groundwork projects, principally for roads, drainage and cable installation and construction. He operates two machines working in the Highlands and Islands.

“The tiltrotator gives any attachment unlimited rotation and tilting of up to 400 in two directions,” explained Ronnie. “This means I can do most things with little or no movement of the machine, thereby doubling my productivity on landscaping work and being about 50 per cent quicker on everything else.”

He began using a tiltrotator four years ago, which he had fitted to his 1993 Akerman EW130 wheeled excavator with 35,000 hours on the clock.

“Besides increasing my work rate, the extra flexibility a tiltrotator allows me means I can tidy up after myself, so for 50 per cent of jobs I don’t need any labour working alongside me,” continued Ronnie.

“Until you have seen and operated a machine fitted with one, it’s hard to explain the difference a tiltrotator can make. For instance, the ability to offset dig in town centres, where space is limited, is brilliant.

“Drainage and ditch work becomes simple, as does digging and laying gravel in between the barriers of dual carriageways. Then there are things you wouldn’t normally consider such as ripping out and rolling up fencing or even spreading small areas of tarmac in awkward areas.”

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