Turfgroom from Howard Marshall Engineering is machine developed to assist in the renovation program on some of the finest football training pitches in the land.
The Turfgroom employs a hydraulically driven sweeping element that delivers the collected material into a rotary hopper. The hopper being large enough to allow a pass up and down the pitch before emptying. At two meters wide and being mounted on a front loader it clears the residue in front of the tractor wheels. The machine has front and rear full width rollers to ensure stability. The front roller is height adjustable to allow the correct brush bristle to ground contact to be made and the brush continuously wipes the roller to prevent any build-up occurring that would adversely affect the performance.
Also adjustable is the front feed plate, which, along with the brush speed, dictates how the collected material is delivered to the hopper. A ‘floating’ headstock arrangement between the Turfgroom and loader, allows the machine to follow the ground surface to ensure accurate brush height setting.
Unloading is simply a matter of raising the Turfgroom, placing it over the trailer and hydraulically rotating the unique barrel hopper. This method of emptying the hopper does not increase the overall dimensions of the machine. A full emptying cycle only takes a few seconds
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