Freeland Horticulture helps Green-tree soil expand its distribution network

Picture: (L-R) George Longmuir, MD of Freeland Horticulture with Richard Kay Chairman of Green-tech.

One of the UK’s leading soil brands – Green-tree topsoil, a division of Green-tech – is now available through an additional ten Freeland Horticulture soil production sites.

Freeland Horticulture is the largest soil supplier in England and Wales and has beensupplying the landscape and housing market since 1994.

Green-tech has joined forces with Freeland Horticulture to distribute its award-winning British Standard topsoil from Freeland’s ten production sites across the country. The addition of the new distribution sites will strengthen the Green-tree brands’ coverage of topsoil for landscape projects, green roofs and urban tree planting in the London and the M25 corridor, giving landscape contractors in this region faster access to the Green-tree portfolio of soil products.

The collaboration will also provide greater coverage for the brand in the West of the country from Cardiff through to Manchester. This strategic move comes at a time when more and more landscape contractors are requesting access to the Green-tree range of soils and growing media because of its consistent quality, nutrient-rich properties andreliability of supply. 

Parent company Green-tech has a wealth of experience of partnering with soil scientists, trade associations and business leaders in its field. The working partnership with Freeland Horticulture ticks all the boxes for Green-tech and allows access to in-house Freeland soil scientists who will work alongside the team in a supportive role. As a long-established and reputable topsoil supplier, Freeland will offer the Green-tree brand a robust distribution structure and support to facilitate requests from landscapers across the UK. Green-tree’s portfolio of soils, substrates and growing media spans applications from green roofs, urban tree planting, landscaping and sports fields. Both brands are synonymous with quality; all products are tested and comply with British Standards and both Green-tech and Freeland work within the ISO criteria. 

Richard Kay, Chairman of Green-tech, comments: “We currently have 15 Green-tree soil sites across the UK and made a strategic decision a number of years ago to start expanding our operations across the UK.

“The new structure will enable us to price more competitively and offer a faster level of service for our customer base.

“I am delighted that we are entering into a long-term partnership with Freeland Horticulture which adds a further ten soil sites to our portfolio. We have long-admired Freeland’s credentials in the soil supply market and the opportunity to work with their team and utilise their distribution sites is a great boost for us and the landscaper supply chain. The demand for high quality, British Standard soils has never been higher as the expectation of the client base continues to increase and the complexity and scope of landscaping projects advances.”

Founder and Managing Director or Freeland Horticulture, George Longmuir adds: “Green-tech have been serving the needs of the landscape sector for over 20 years and have built a solid reputation for quality and supply of a whole range of products. As a result, we see synergies working in partnership and giving Green-tech access to the soil sites combined with full technical support.

“Freeland’s UK network of soil sites will create the Green-tree soil product range making them available to a much wider customer base throughout England and Wales. This partnership strengthens both companies’ presence in the UK market place which in turn will be highly beneficial to the landscape sector.”

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