Meet the Redwing Turf 24, possibly the last turf tyre you’ll ever buy. It has been developed by Sussex-based grounds maintenance specialists, Redstone Tyres, as the definitive tyre for turf.

What makes it special is that Turf 24 offers something truly unique, the best of both worlds. It brings an end to that perennial grounds maintenance dilemma – do you opt for tyres that will give you good grip but risk marking your precious turf, or tyres that won’t mark turf but equally don’t provide good grip?

When Redstone Tyres started making its own tyres, it was to try to put an end to this problem and design a tyre that did both. The company succeeded by making the shoulder rubber thicker than any other similar tyre, so that they could make the tread shallower there – thereby minimising turf damage, giving you grip where you need it and maximising puncture resistance at the same time.

With a pedigree going back 20 years, Redwing is now firmly established as one the UK’s leading specialists in the grounds maintenance sector. They pride themselves on listening to customers needs, which led them to start making their own tyres. The Redwing family now includes tyres and inner tubes, sealant, tyre changers and repair kits.

Its aim is to shake up the market and give customers premium quality at reasonable prices. And with Turf 24, that’s exactly what’s been achieved.

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