Time saver

The past few years have seen Cheltenham-based excavator owner Gerald Cook cut his on-site working times by a third. In addition, because of the broader range of services he now offers, he can stay on-site much longer.
With over 30 year’s experience in the excavation business working on small groundwork projects, six years ago he discovered the Engcon Tiltrotator.

The Tiltrotator, acts as wrist between the excavator and an attachment to give unlimited rotation and tilting of up to 400 degrees in two directions

Gerald has now purchased his second Tiltrotator fitted to a recently acquired 6-ton Takeuchi TB153FR excavator.

“The flexibility of the Tiltrotator reduces my work time by roughly a third because I’m not constantly having to reposition the machine or dismount from the cab to finish off a job manually,” said Gerald.
Gerald finds the Tiltrotator ideal for working in tight spaces on housing developments or property extensions and has discovered its versatility enables him to stay on-site longer.

This added level of versatility has seen Gerald increase the amount of landscaping projects he undertakes, including septic tank and rainwater harvesting installations.

“Although I work on a daily rate, the fact that I can do a project much quicker than anyone else means people are prepared to wait for me,” continued Gerald. “With the quantity of work I do, I reckon the Tiltrotator paid for itself within 6 to 12 months. But to be honest, I’d struggle without one now.”

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