Green challenge

SMITH Electric Vehicles was the supplier of choice for fleet operators at the GreenFleet Capital Fuel Challenge in London.

The event, sponsored by Transport for London (TfL), saw the UK’s green van, truck, car and bike manufacturers compete for the title of the capital’s most environmentally-friendly vehicle.
Smith accounted for four of the 25 vehicles taking part – more than any other supplier. Fleet operators who chose Smith to represent them in the contest included BT Openreach, the Royal Mail, Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Services and courier CitySprint.

Three entrants deployed the Smith Edison, an electric version of the Transit van, produced in partnership with Ford. Balfour Beatty entered a Smith Newton, the world’s largest road-going electric truck. Both Edison and Newton have restricted top speeds of 50mph, impressive acceleration and a range of 100 miles on one battery charge.

Kevin Harkin, Sales Director for Smith Electric Vehicles, said: “We were delighted to have more representation than any other ‘green’ vehicle manufacturer at this event. It demonstrates that major fleet operators have confidence in our products – and shows they understand that our electric vans and trucks are the best when it comes to urban commercial vehicle operations.

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