Historically timber fence posts have always been prone to rot at ground level, this is the number 1 cause of premature fence post failure.
This is especially annoying as the rest of the fence is normally perfectly serviceable, then comes the expense of having to install a new fence and the hassle of disposing of the old fence, from every perspective this is a negative situation.
To make matters worse the EU banned the use of chrome and arsenic in timber preservatives in 2004. Whilst this is obviously good for the environment the replacement preservatives are proving to be less effective, there have been reports of recent timber fence posts rotting through at ground level in as little as 3 years some un-happy customers have been forced to take legal action against fencing manufacturers and contractors alike.
Postsaver premium fence posts prevent rot at ground level answering all the requirements of those looking for a fence post that should last as long as the rest of the fence, it’s obvious really.

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