The way to grow.

Culti-Cave is a transparent grow-house that offers masses of space for growing all types of plant, from the long and the short to the tall. With a length of 200cm x 80cm deep and a height of 167cm there’s plenty of room for tomato plants, cucumbers, melons or strawberries to spread and grow in two grow bags. Culti-Cave is completely modular, just zip two or more units together and extend the size to suit your needs.
Simply attach to a wall, shed or fence, or install free standing with optional pegs and guy ropes. Culti-Cave is UV (Ultra Violet) stable for longevity, has a sewn in groundsheet to stop slugs, insects and other garden pests and offers the ideal in humidity and growing conditions. Ventilation and access is easy with the zipped front and rear door panels. Culti-Cave is safe, easy to assemble and easy to take down and pack away.
Just as Tidy Tent has proved to be a great storage solution, at £59.99 Culti-Cave offers gardeners and growers a clever, lower cost alternative to a green house and greater versatility than smaller grow houses.
Tel 01525 382938.

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