Brett Landscaping is rewarding the continued loyalty of its Approved Installers by giving them a huge 5kg bar of chocolate as part of its exciting ‘Chocs Away!’ promotion. Along with the chocolate, members will receive increased rewards for each complete concrete block paving project registered during July, August and September.
The specially branded bar, which is nearly twice as large as Hershey’s legendary ‘Times Square’, and which comes in a presentation box, is being distributed personally to Brett Approved Installers along with reward details.
Mark Brown of MB Landscapes comments; “This is the biggest bar of chocolate I have ever seen. The chocolate bar resembles a paving slab, but it tastes far too good for it to be used in any of my paving projects!
“Brett Landscaping’s incentive scheme for its Approved Installers really does make a difference in today’s working environment. With price being such an important factor for any job, it really helps that Brett works with builders merchants to support us. It’s great to have our loyalty and hard work recognised by Brett Landscaping.”

To find out about joining Brett Landscaping’s Approved Installer Scheme and benefit from all the promotions please call 0845 6080 578

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