The ‘smart’ choice

Following the successful performance of their first four Isuzu Grafters, Midlands sister companies Smart Cut Ltd and TFN Landscapes have purchased a further 10 of the latest Isuzu Grafter Green 3.5 tonne rigids. These join the 40-strong combined vehicle fleet  on a progressive basis from May to October this year.

Now representing over 35% of the Smart Cut and TFN fleets, the Isuzu N35.125 Grafter Green rigids have become the ‘go to’ marque for commercial vehicles at these Midlands companies, progressively replacing the incumbent Nissan Cabstars. According to Smart Cut and TFN, their aim is to become an exclusively Isuzu fleet by the end of 2019.

“Our initial attraction to Isuzu was prompted by the payload achievable from the impressive 7 tonne GTW Grafter as a result of its 3.5tonne gross towing capacity. This combination makes them ideal fleet vehicles as we transport a range of heavy plant equipment from job to job. Following on from the original four Grafters ordered in 2017, we are now taking another 10 new Isuzus for our 2018 fleet replacement programme, whilst shortly we will be placing a follow-up order for a further 10 new Grafters for delivery in 2019,” said Tom Rimell, director, Smart Cut Ltd.

All 10 Isuzu N35.125 Grafter Greens being supplied to Smart Cut and TFN Landscapes during 2018 feature the popular Isuzu Driveaway TGS dropside body configuration.

Tom Rimell explains why they chose this option from Isuzu: “We only keep our vehicles for a two year period, so we go for their Driveaway models bearing in mind that the vehicle can then be easily resold in two years’ time, since it is a popular, in demand specification. In addition, by choosing the Isuzu Driveaway models, the trucks arrive at our premises ready to go to work. This specification includes items such as seat covers, towbar fitment and lighting kits that previously we used to fit ourselves. Driveaway takes these time consuming jobs off our hands, both from fitting initially as well as at removal at the end of the two year period. Most importantly, we have the trucks out there working, and earning, without any delay.”

The new Isuzu Grafter Green rigids are expected to cover a maximum of 40,000 miles in their two year working life within the fleet at Smart Cut and TFN Landscapes and have been supplied by local Isuzu dealer Aquila Truck Centre in Worcester, who have worked closely with them to provide the ideal specification for their various business operations.

“Aquila fully understands our business model for vehicle acquisition and we now have a really good working relationship with them. Their support during the truck replacement programme has been first class,” commented Tom Rimell.

Smart Cut Ltd has been in business for over 30 years primarily as a ground maintenance company servicing businesses, housing associations and local authorities across the West Midlands, from Birmingham in the north to Gloucester in the south. Alongside this long established business is sister company TFN Landscapes, which provides soft landscaping, turfing and tree planting services for all the main national housebuilding organisations in the area.

 “We are really pleased with our decision to switch to Isuzu. The latest Isuzu Euro VI Grafter Green is indeed an excellent working truck. Its new 6-speed gearbox is significantly better than its predecessor, whilst most importantly it does not require Ad Blue, which is a major plus factor giving us reduced maintenance costs. The heavy duty chassis ensures that the towing capacity and payload is excellent for such a versatile 3.5 tonne truck,” commented Tom.

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