The Landscaper News Quiz

To give you time to think about some of the answers, we’ll upload them after Christmas.

The first prize for getting them all correct is signed letter of congratulation from the editor, your name published in The Landscaper and a strong feeling of superiority and self satisfaction….
Ditto for 2nd and 3rd…

1 Why does the US flag, ‘Old Glory’ have 13 stripes as well as all those stars’

2 There is only one steam-powered public clock in the world. Where is it’

3 Who just staged a Broadway comeback as Desiree Armfeldt in A Little Night Music’

4 Fabergé was the jeweller to whom’

5 Which government is one of three controlling shareholders in diamond firm De Beers’

6 Who is the EU’s new commissioner for the single market’

7 What is golfer Tiger Woods’ wife’s first name’

8 What is the name of Sarah Palin’s new book’

9 George Clooney recently returned for a cameo role in the final episode of which drama series’

10 What does a Flesch score measure’

11 Who wrote Day of the Triffids, a science fiction story about man-eating plants’

12 The just said he expects to leave Manchester United before Sir Alex Ferguson’

13 What is a geosynchronous satellite’

14 Where are your metatarsals, and what are they’

15 Where were the world’s first traffic lights’

16 St George’s distillery in Norfolk is producing what for the first time in over 100 years’

17 What are the oldest known living organisms’

18 In 2001 which long-serving UK member of parliament retired "to devote more time to politics’"

19 Who is the only person so far to hold a Cambridge Blue for motor sport’

20 What is the Chinese Republic’s currency called’

21 Who were the Three Musketeers’

22 What is the difference between a Royal Navy and a British Army salute’

23 When does the next Chinese New Year start’

24 What is a male swan called’

25 What animal gives its name to the next Chinese year’

26 What is the name of Michael Parkinson’s autobiography’

27 What is the name for the part of armed forces pay deemed to compensate for service life’

28 What is the earliest date that Easter can fall’

29 Where is the world’s biggest commodity market’

30 Where is Egypt building a giant wall’

31 How many US presidents have there been’

32 Which are the only two London’s Underground lines that are entirely below ground’

33 When was the last time the English Channel froze over between Calais and Dover’

34 What is osculation’

35 Who, apocryphally said "The station will leave the train at 4:15"’

36 Who won the world’s first Golden Disc and for what’

37 The Tassenmuseum claims to hold the world’s biggest collection of handbags. Where is it’

38 For what was Joseph Stiglitz famous’

39 What does an Iambic pentameter measure’

40 What is widely accepted as the longest vowelless word in general English use’

41 What is the oldest Christian church building’

42 What is the chemical symbol for gold’

43 Disneyland in Florida has just chosen an English town to be its twin. Which one’

44 What are the three Abrahamic faiths’

45 Who is the first Briton selected by the European Sapce Agency for manned space flight’

46 Who played the lady in the life of Steve McQueen’s Bullitt’

47 Who first recorded Ferry Cross the Mersey’

48 Solar Impulse is an unusual light aircraft. What is different’

49 When revolutionaries stormed the Bastille in July 1789, how many prisoners did they release’

50 In which country are most birds of paradise found’

51 What is the average time interval between high tides around the UK coastline’

52 In which country was a UN worker arrested this year for wearing trousers in public’

53 Which country won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009′

54 How many countries took part in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest’

55 Which is the first organisation to say that it would charge people to read its newspapers online’

56 Which club claims to be the oldest playing Association Football’

57 When was the first mass produced and commercially available TV shown’

58 Who wrote Gone with the Wind’

59 What recreational drug kills the most people each year in the UK’

60 Which 125 year old train service just stopped’

61 Which is Europe’s largest circulation daily paper’

62 Whose album I Dreamed a Dream went gone to No 1 in its first week in the US recently’

63 AB Kate Nesbitt is the first woman in the Royal Navy and the second woman awarded what’

64 Runescape, the virtual game made English legal history recently. How’

65 Which is the largest glacier-free landmass’

66 Who won The X Factor televison talent show in 2008′

67 The Rt Rev Stephen Venner has just been made bishop of what’

68 Who does Vladimir Putin seem keen to rehabilitate’

69 Which brewer claims to be Britain’s oldest’

70 Who is leading the official UK inquiry into the Iraq war’

71 What is the Cohen brothers’ latest film called’

72 Which previously Francophone state just joined the British Commonwealth’

73 How did Michaele and Tareq Salahi upset Barack Obama’

74 Who is the leading lady in Steven Sondbergh’s latest film The Girlfriend Experience’

75 Why is Asperger’s syndrome sufferer Gary McKinnon due to go the USA’

76 Who wrote the Twilight Saga books’

77 What is Robbie Knievel planning to do at Wembley next year that his dad failed to do in 1975′

78 What is biggest waterfall in the Southern hemisphere’

79 Who wrote Blithe Spirit’

80 Who played Zorba in the film Zorba the Greek’

81 Which tune should medical students learn for the correct rhythm for emergency heart massage’

82 Which dancer just launched a range of children’s wear’

83 Who is the head of the UK’s secret intelligence service M15′

84 Which telescope just delivered its first pictures’

85 Who played the male lead opposite the then Julie Andrews in the Mary Poppins film’

86 What is the name of the MI5 boss in BBC tv’s Spooks series’

87 Who reads Richmal Crompton’s Just William stories for BBC radio’

88 Which Boeing made its maiden flight, two and a half years late, on 15 December this year’

89 What has just been voted the most common cliché in English’

90 Whose retouched image in an Olay cosmetics advertisement was recently ruled misleading’

91 What competition is New York’s city health department sponsoring’

92 Which playwright had a cameo part in the original Italian Job film’

93 Pope Benedict XVl is to beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman next year. Where’

94 Britain’s Carey Mulligan has been shortlisted for a Golden Globe for her debut part in which film’

95 Work just started on the world’s longest bridge. What will it connect’

96 The US Government is to buy the Thompson Correctional Center in Illinois. To house whom’

97 Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding’s latest film is’

98 Which country is the latest to announce compulsory internet filtering’

99 Whose London-based football academy just shut’

100 What will be the frequency of The Landscapers digital newsletter in 2010′

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