Bird free

The Scarecrow Compact bird dispersal system emits distress calls recorded from pest species such as woodpigeons, carrion crows and rooks to create an environment which appears hostile to birds, but natural and inoffensive to humans. An added pest deterrent effect noticed during the trials was the attraction to the area of red kites, drawn to the sound of birds in distress and a possible meal
The Compact started life as a bird deterrent used on airfields and landfill sites. It is completely portable, providing up to 360º all-round coverage, and automatically plays distress calls of the selected pest species at random either from dawn to dusk or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The standard calls included are herring gull, rook, black headed gull, crow, starling and pigeon. Alternative distress calls from a library of over 60 species can also be included.
The solar-powered Compact has a strong free-standing frame that can be located easily in any part of a field or in a hedgerow. It is unobtrusive and, because the sounds emitted are natural, it often goes unnoticed by the general public in the vicinity. Although initially a higher investment, the solar-powered version is likely to pay back in just one season, when compared with the value of potential crop losses to birds. An additional benefit of sustainable solar-power energy is that there is no need for large batteries or gas bottles, though traditional mains or battery-powered versions are available.
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