Take it easy…BALI Landscaping Show

Azpects will be introducing their leading-edge hard landscaping products at the show
EASYJoint the increasingly popular, environmentally friendly paving joint compound which delivers brilliant results & big savings in labour costs for professional hard landscapers & paving contractors. Developed specifically for use with both natural stone & concrete paving applications, EASYJoint is fast & easy to apply in wet or dry conditions & when brushed and washed in, leaves no voids – every nook & cranny is filled.
Proven over several years throughout Northern Europe in harsh weather conditions, EASYJoint creates a strong long-lasting joint with minimal effort. No kneeling & much less bending is required than with mortar & other jointing compounds.
It’s environmentally friendly, containing no cement or resins. To complement every type of stone we offer 5 great colours – buff sand, mushroom, stone grey, basalt & jet black.
Once the job is complete you can ‘strike’ the joints by quickly running a suitable iron along them using minimal pressure. There is little waste – once a tub is opened any unused material can be saved for later use.
New Product Launch
Just launching at BALI the new EASYSeal SSP Stone Sealant & Protector & EASYSeal BCS Block Pave Sealant products. Continuing with the environmentally friendly theme of EASYJoint, both sealants are very eco friendly, being 100% water based and containing no toxic substances.
EASYSeal SSP is designed to penetrate, seal & protect natural stone & concrete paving. Virtually invisible once applied, it allows the stone to ‘breathe’ whilst protecting paving from all manner of substances, such as cooking & engine oils, grease & fat, food, ketchup, mustard & beverages such as tea, coffee & wine. Ideal for protecting your clients’ paving against the excesses of the summer BBQ!
Suitable for internal as well as external use, EASYSeal SSP is water-based, thereby making it highly environmentally friendly.
EASYSeal BCS is a high grade surface sealer & sand binder for clay and concrete block paviors. It penetrate & stabilises jointing sand, bonding it to the block, thereby inhibiting weed growth. With superb oil and water repellent qualities it effectively protects the surface as well as reducing the amount of maintenance required.
Water based and giving a matt/satin look, EASYSeal BCS delivers a result that is practical as well as good looking. It will repel & resist most liquid spillages as well as oils & fats, allowing most surfaces to maintain their original state.
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