Interlocking paving system….BALI Landscaping Show

Oxford Plastics will be showcasing the EnduraGrid interlocking paving system, as well as a new heavy duty ground protection product.
Moulded from 100% recycled plastic (polyethylene), EnduraGrid is chemically inert and non-toxic so it is ideal for placing over soil or grass without causing any environmental damage. EnduraGrid is supplied in 500mm square sections which interlock and can be cut to fit any shape of pathway. It can be filled with grass or gravel and offers a firm non-slip surface that can support heavy loads (tested up to 44 tonne HGV).It is ideal for both permanent and temporary use; it provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative to concrete so is suitable for home driveways, parking in residential areas. Installation is quick, making it also suitable for creating parking and pathways at events.
EnduraGrid’s design includes flexible internal membranes which let grass grow through the grid naturally, making it ideal for creating attractive paths or using on landscaped areas such as gardens and golf courses. It is also ideal for car parks, pedestrian walkways, emergency access routes and driveways as it will not sink or shift once in place and the structure allows for natural drainage.
It can also be used as part of a sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) initiative to improve storm water management.
Easy to install with minimal labour and no specialist tools it should take around an hour to fit an area of 100m2 so it is suitable for temporary installation at events.
EnduraGrid is made from 100% recycled plastic which is 100% recyclable
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