Sprenkels BV

Frans Sprenkels (pictured) specialises in ornamental garden plants: shrubs, conifers, and climbing plants. He started his company in 1980. He really loves plants and likes to take on a challenge, instead of growing the same thing all year long. His assortment is relatively large: approximately 150 types in pot sizes of 1.5 to 10 litres.
“It’s very imprtant for me to produce a variety of plants, it makes life more interesting as well as good commerical sense” explained Frans.
The production continues all year. The plants are destined for trade and garden centres in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, especially Italy, France, Germany, Great-Britain, and Denmark. The plants have neutral, nameless labels with the name of the plant, information and a bar code.
+31 (0)76 5985732

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