Herplant BVBA (B)

Herplant BVBA specialize in growing buxus and taxus in open ground and pots, in almost all shapes and sizes.
Buxus sempervirens is the most popular and most grown type of buxus, and is grown in all usual shapes and sizes and available in large, uniform quantities. Besides that, there is also a wide assortment of approximately 200 special types of buxus and varieties.
As far as the Taxus is concerned, the Taxus baccata is the most grown taxus. It is grown in all common sizes, for both open ground and pots.
Open-ground plants come with roots, clod, or chunk. Pot-grown pots have the advantage of complete roots, a year-round selling and planting season, a nice presentation, and more uniformity.

The company was started in 1967 by the parents of the current owners Didier, (pictured) Louis, and Luc Hermans. They took over the company in 1985. Herplant BVBA currently has 30 hectare, spread over multiple production locations in four municipalities. Of that 30 hectare, approximately 6 hectare is container field and an expansion greenhouse of 17.500 square meters to produce plants.
Taking care of the environment plays an important part within this company. They entered for example the VMS (Vlaams Milieu Sierteeltplan), part of MPS, and always select the measure that has the least negative impact on the environment when it comes to water, soil, fertilisation, energy, and waste. Along with multiple research institutions, they research new diseases and plagues, in order to take action in case of problems.
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