Screen star

In response to customers’ requests Arbor Eaters have developed an efficient, affordable and easily towable compost and woodchip screener to add to its existing range of high capacity trommel screeners.

The ARBOR SIFT 1500 can be towed behind a 4×4, loaded with a small bucket or a chipper or shredder output can be directed straight into the drum to produce an evenly sized product.
Customers are using the Arbor Sift to screen woodchip for biomass and to screen out debris such as plastics, stones etc from compost producing a superb product ready for resale. Rejects are easily ejected from the drum and the product is discharged onto the output conveyor for distribution.

The machine is built in the UK, it is simple to operate making it an ideal addition to a hire fleet.

Tel 01273 832009

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