Scrappage starts today!

BHF Finance claim to offer lowest vehicle loan rates to help members take full advantage of the car scrappage scheme that starts today
On top of the £2,000 scrappage allowance this adds up to a major saving for members.
John Collins, joint managing director of BHF Finance says: “These measures together with other substantial price discounts from manufacturers across a broad range of vehicles have helped to solidify the enviable position that BHF Group members find themselves in at this moment in time. Members will find that BHF Finance remains very competitive on vehicle loan rates, and is still on top of the best buy table when compared to other leading loan providers, as listed on Not only do we have the lowest new vehicle loan rates but we’ve also extended our special offer on used vehicle loan rates until 31st May 2009, where the rates have been cut to the same as those for new vehicles. If members choose to take advantage of the scrappage scheme, we recommend that they contact BHF Finance to ensure they get the best deal on a loan and receive an honest and straightforward service.”

TEl 0121 446 6688.

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