SAVVY WAY TO RECRUIT ..British Hardwood Tree Nursery and

When British Hardwood Tree Nursery and’s directors Andrew
and Zoe Henderson noticed that their enterprises were both experiencing a surge in
sales, they made a slick move and invested in graduate help.
With the Snitterby-based tree nursery gearing-up for the start of its peak period in
the Autumn, Mr Henderson has recruited University of Lincoln business marketing
graduate Sophie Bulgin, on a three-month internship.
He found the 22-year-old through the university’s Opportunities at Lincoln scheme,
which has already placed 25 students on internships.
Miss Bulgin is among the graduate stars of today’s workforce, who are increasingly
attracting the attention of smaller firms. And, although she is working with the tree
nursery, her expertise is also helping to achieve increasing success.
Mark Stow is University of Lincoln Opportunities Service manager and part of a team
providing students and graduates with professional careers advice and information.
He also acts as a consultant talking directly to firms about graduate recruitment.
“In a nutshell, we can now offer businesses with less than 50 employees or those
based in key industrial sectors £1,500 to help subsidise a graduate for three to six
months,” said Mr Stow.
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