Saltex 2010….

THE SMALLEST ever Loadall telescopic handler model ever produced by JCB gets its Saltex debut- highlighting a design innovation which has reduced the machine height to less than two metres.
The new small but mighty 515-40 model is 1.8m high, 2.97m long and weighs less than 3.5 tonnes. Delivering powerful performance despite these compact dimensions, the machine will bring the benefits of JCB’s market-leading Loadall range to previously inaccessible construction and industrial applications. For the horticulture industry, the versatile new model is able to perform many of the on-site tasks which may have previously required several different machines and will prove ideal for commercial growers, garden centres and nurseries.
At the heart of the JCB 515-40 is an innovative, patented chassis design. To achieve the lowest possible working height, JCB has challenged conventional design concepts to develop this unique, off-set, single-spine chassis with the machine’s cab then occupying the resulting space.
Also on show at Saltex will be JCB’s 6×4 and 4×4 versions of its successful Groundhog utility vehicles. The JCB Groundhog 4×4 is tough, versatile and reliable – opening up a vast range of potential applications in the agricultural, estate management, golf course management, construction and landscaping sectors.
Tel: 01889 590312

Two new products from Etesia and one new Pellenc product will all be making their debut at this year’s IOG SALTEX show – details of which are being kept under wraps until the first day of the exhibition.
The Etesia team will be out in force on stand U15, with Etesia UK showcasing its range of professional ride-on and pedestrian mowers, ride-on brushcutters & trailers along with Pellenc’s lithium-ion battery powered chainsaws, polesaws, hedge trimmers and pruning shears.
In addition to the range of Etesia products on show, the company will be showing the range of Pellenc lithium-ion battery powered tools, aimed at local authorities and commercial end users, for the first time.
Pellenc is the world’s first manufacturer to offer a whole range of professional tools which operate with the use of a high capacity lithium-ion battery, totally removing CO2 emissions and noise pollution.
TEl 01295 680120

Terrain, having re-introduced the Deep Drill at last year’s show now offer a complete aeration service. Customers, ranging from Parks Managers, Greenkeepers, Groundsmen, Architects and Home Owners can choose between the Deep Drill’s 10 inch surface aeration treatment or the Terralift’s one-metre compressed air de-compaction.
If turf managers are in any doubt as to which aeration method they need, the exact soil structure can easily be determined by employing Terrain’s Soil Corer which produces one-metre soil cores encased in transparent plastic tubes.
The Company’s Air Blaster gently but effectively excavates around tree roots to determine their overall spread. This information is vital for planners and architects working on sites with mature/protected trees. The company offers 15% discount on any orders taken at the show.

Tel: 01449 673783
Stand DAB40

New from DMMP- the CHAPIN range professional knapsacks and hand held sprayers for landscapers and turf professionals. Chapin International, the largest manufacturer of sprayers in North America, with 125 years of manufacturing and research and development produces the level of quality and features demanded by professionals.
Also making its debut is the EarthWay S15 pedestrian sprayer. Available in Spring 2011, the S15 is packed with new features and is a high build quality sprayer targeted at the low level user and residential market.
The ICE and SNOW control EarthWay HIGH-OUTPUT range of quality spreaders featuring the upgraded EV-N-SPRED 2040PI Plus and EV-N-SPRED 2130 will be on show with the professional and residential turf range of EV-N-SPRED® spreaders.
Tel 0845 643 9776

Stand Number: E14

Simon Richard hosts the UK debut of the Reform Werke H4X & H5X Metrac Bank tractors representing a significant increase to their grounds maintenance product range. Both models offer heavy duty axles complete with “final drives” 4 speed ranges, switchable two or four wheel drive, mechanical 2 range gearing and electro hydraulic 2 level switching and inching pedal. The all-wheel hydrostatic steering with load sensing facility is switchable on the move to front, rear and crab steering mode. These new models are very compact and offer a very high power to weight ratio.
Staff will be on hand to discuss particular issues the contractor, utility and local authority users responsible for safe working on severe inclines may have. Also on view will be the new 2010 model Muthing MU-FM and MU-C flails now sporting the self cleaning ’Shark Fin’ shredding bar capable of delivering a reduction in power requirement of around ten per cent and new blades.
TEL: 01450 860 774 – FAX: 01450 860 772 – MOBILE: 07836 733776

TPA have announced two additional access and turf protection systems to further enhance their product portfolio. After a rigorous selection process, TPA have chosen two of Terraplas’ market leading products Terraflor and Terratrak Plus.
Terraflor is designed to shield delicate surfaces such as turfed football and rugby pitches from damage often associated with large crowds of concert goers. Its translucent properties enable light, air and water to pass through the tile meaning that the grass beneath is not adversely affected. has a Terratrak Plus has a proven track record being used extensively Worldwide and is ideal as pedestrian walkway, stadia cover, and marquee flooring. Fast and efficient to deploy, a typical 8,000 sq meter pitch can be laid in 8-10 hours and recovered within 4-5 hours.
TPA will be demonstrating Terraflor, and Terratrak Plus®alongside their traditional aluminium access solutions at the show.
TEl 0870 240 2381

Goldoni manufacture two-wheeled tractors and specialized tractors for orchards and vineyards, with a range of powerful, agile, tough and versatile machines.
They are suitable for every type of requirement and soil condition and carry mowing implements,
ploughs, diggers and every other sort of implement.
The motor mowers and two-wheeled tractors are the smallest machines in the range and are ideal for specialized farming work in greenhouses, nurseries and D.I.Y. jobs.
The specialized tractors for orchards and vineyards (both the conventional four-wheel drive models and the steering and articulated equal-wheel versions) are easy to handle, powerful and versatile.
Tel.:+39 0522 640111- Fax: +39 0522 699002

Sweepfast will be re-introducing the HoverDry water removal pump at the show this year. The HoverDry allows rapid water removal from all types of surfaces. Built on the hovercraft principle, the HoverDry supports itself on a cushion of air so that the machine does not come into contact with the surface. The sports model is ideal for use on artificial and grass surfaces, where it comes and goes without leaving a trace. Far from flattening grass; it leaves it upright and free of surface water.
Sweepfast also manufactures and supplies high quality equipment to maintain all artificial surface types, and is the UK importer for Hörger machinery. The range includes the SKU 1500 and 1200 power brush systems for maintaining filled artificial turf, such as sand filled and rubber crumb filled surfaces, and the KBR and SKR which are dedicated machines for cleaning artificial running tracks and water based hockey pitches.
TEl 01675 470770

The Grass Group has recently been appointed UK distributor for Advanced Turf Technology’s TM system, offering a complete modular fine turf management tool.
With eight individual cassettes, the system is fully interchangeable between all main stream makes of triplex greens mowers and light weight fairway mowers. Mow, groom and roll with one machine, or deploy a number of mowers with the relevant cassettes to prepare greens to tournament standards in one super-quick operation!
Tim Merrell of the Grass Group says: “This is an exciting addition to our range which will help greenkeepers get more out of their mowers and make greens preparation far more efficient. There’s no need to have lots of different equipment, just the TMsystem”
Another newcomer to the stable this year is the renowned Rotadairon range of renovation and maintenance equipment. Alongside scarifiers, seeders and dethatchers tried and tested by leading contractors, The Grass Group will be showing the new RG slit seeder, updated SMC seed box and new ED 130 TS dethatcher and spiker with collection box.
Those with larger areas to manage will be drawn to the Proflex range of trailed mowers which includes the innovative TDR12. With a low P.T.O. power requirement, this mower enables large areas to be cut with tractors from just 30hp, leaving the bigger tractors free for other jobs.
Tel: +44 (0) 1638 720123 –
Fax: +44 (0) 1638 720128 –

ECHO and ECHO Bearcat will be displaying several new products including ECHO’s latest, and most powerful, backpack blower, the PB-770.
The PB-770 is a backpack blower with excellent specification. With a maximum air volume of 1440 m3/h and an air speed of up to 91.1m/sec, this backpack blower has the power to clear leaves and litter from parks, streets, stadiums, parks and other public areas. Featuring a super-duty air filtration system, sophisticated built-in anti-vibration, and a new design back pack frame for improved operator comfort. A new debris guard prevents leaves and debris entering the air intake, thus improves cooling, and the latest AIV (Air Infusion Vortex) engine technology from ECHO provides cleaner fuel burn.
Also on the ECHO stand will be the full range of ECHO chainsaws, hedgetrimmers, brushcutters, and a selection of chippers and chipper/shredders from the ECHO Bear Cat Range.
ECHO power tools come with a TWO year warranty in professional use.
Tel 01844 278800
Fax: +44(0) 1844 278792
Stand T30

Ryetec will be introducing for the first time the full range of Bugnot green waste and contaminated wood shredders. These machines are available in a range of sizes with either engine or tractor driven units capable of handling material upto 200mm in diameter. All the machines feature a power feed system and also have optional full hopper floor conveyors and an upper “caterpillar” toothed intake conveyor for really difficult to feed material. All machines can take wood contaminated with metal, stones, soil and other nasties without problem thanks to their sharpened hammer flails and heavy duty shredding drum. Other features include optional self loading cranes for larger models and rubber tracked small version for difficult access areas. The Bugnot tractor mounted forestry mulchers will also be on display.
TEl 01944 768232

Stand W32

Sodexo will be exhibiting a range of innovative new solutions for the grounds maintenance and facilities management market. The company is currently working on various environmental projects including using bio fuels in tractors and machinery to introducing a new type of grass that reduces the carbon footprint at airports, to more effective waste recycling.
Sodexo’s packages also include grounds management, waste management, cleansing and pest management.
Tel 01978 842079

Tel: 01978 842079

Promac Solutions will be showing a range of new machines and attachments from Doosan and Montabert, designed for applications in grounds and amenity maintenance, turf management, hard and soft landscaping and forestry. This will include the Doosan DX27Z mini-excavator and DX80R midi-excavator models.
Powered by the Yanmar 3TNV82A-SDB diesel engine providing 15.8 kW of power at 2200 rpm, the DX27Z zero tail swing mini-excavator offers increased productivity and excellent fuel economy achieved with the combination of electronic optimization of the hydraulic system and a new generation engine. Equipped with a cab and rubber tracks, the DX27Z has an operating weight of 2790 kg. The maximum digging depth of the DX27Z is 2935 mm, the dump height is 2690 mm and the maximum reach is 4690 mm.
The DX27Z offers enhanced ergonomics, increased comfort and excellent all round visibility ensuring a safe and pleasant working environment. The operator noise level in the cab is 79 dBA (ISO 6396), whilst the guaranteed sound power level for external noise in the DX27Z is 93 dBA (2000/14/EC).
The DX80R has an operating weight of 8330 kg when equipped with a cab and rubber tracks. The maximum digging depth of the DX80R is 4675 mm, the maximum dump height is 5085 mm and the maximum reach is 7480 mm.
The DX80R is powered by a 40.7 kW Yanmar 4TNV98-ZWDB8 liquid-cooled diesel engine running at a maximum governed speed of 2000 rpm. Electronic injection together with Auto Idle ensure optimum fuel efficiency at all times. The low noise and emission levels of the DX80R make it suitable for operation in noise sensitive areas and at night.
Both the DX27Z and DX80R will be equipped with breakers from the nine model Montabert Silver Clip hydraulic breaker range running from the 65 kg SC-6 model to the 500 kg SC-50 breaker for carriers ranging from 700 kg to 14 tonne.
Tel: 01189 817337 Fax: 01189 811213

Inturf will be displaying a new soil conditioner at the show. Designed especially for golf and sports turf pplications, TerraCottem Turf harnesses a unique combination of over 20 hydroabsorbent and nutritive components to significantly improve soil quality and water retention for healthier, more vigorous turf.
Central to this new formulation’s success is the addition of zeolite, a 100 percent natural volcanic mineral that helps increase soil fertility and water retention. Zeolite is renowned for its very high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), the ion exchange between the soil and soil solution that represents the soil’s ability to hold onto nutrients and prevent them from leaching beyond the roots. The inclusion of 42 percent zeolite with a CEC range of 150 to 180meq/100g, together with 31 percent high-CEC hydroabsorbent copolymers, ensures the CEC levels of soil treated with TerraCottem Turf are far higher than normal.
TerraCottem Turf’s benefits have also been boosted by the inclusion of humic acid, an addition that has a hugely positive affect on soil structure, water retention capacity, drought-stress resistance, plant element-absorption and microbiological activity. Though found naturally in soil, its presence is limited – particularly in the sandy rootzones common to sports turf – and so supplementing the product with over 18 percent humic acid helps the sward make better use of nutritive elements and, in turn, promotes better grass growth.
Both laboratory testing and plot trials at Waregem Golf Club in Belgium have confirmed that the chosen humic acid in TerraCottem Turf produces the best possible results on root development, establishment weight, cover and grass colour. For example, in pre-launch trials the selected humic acid produced an increase of 25 percent in fresh-weight root production over the control.
01759 321000

Bobcat is showing the company’s new generation compact loaders and excavators for the first time, together with attachments for applications in grounds and amenity maintenance, turf management, landscaping and forestry.
Also being featured is the new MT55 mini tracked loader, designed for work in confined and limited access areas where it is not possible to use larger machines.
Alongside the loaders, Bobcat is showing the latest advances in the mini-excavator range with several new products in the range from 1.0 to 6.0 tonne. All the new excavators offer fast work cycles with smooth and precise workgroup functions, superior operator comfort, reduced noise, excellent service access and increased reliability and stability.
Powered by the Kubota 55.4 kW V3307-DI-TE3 kW Stage IIIA diesel engine, the new Bobcat S630 radial lift path skid-steer loader has an operating weight of 3496 kg, a rated operating capacity of 989 kg and a tipping load of 1978 kg. Enhanced operator comfort is a key feature of Bobcat new generation loaders, the most prominent aspect being the unique forward-positioned Premium Cab, the largest on the market. The standard hydraulic flow on the S630 has been increased by over 30% to 87.1 l/min, providing significantly better attachment performance. The high flow version of this loader, the S630H, offers a hydraulic flow of 115.5 l/min.
The MT55 mini tracked loader has an overall width with bucket of just 903 mm, length of 3113 mm (with bucket and standing platform) and height of 1246 mm. Powered by a 17.5 kW Kubota D902-E3B diesel engine, the MT55 has a rated operating capacity (ISO 5998) of 251 kg, a tipping load (ISO 8313) of 719 kg and a pushing force of 9386 N. The durable rubber-track undercarriage of the MT55 distributes the loader’s operating weight of 1137 kg over a large area, which reduces ground pressure to just 35.9 kPa and minimises disturbance to turf and other established surfaces.
The E14 and E16 mini-excavators are part of an exciting period of development in the Bobcat mini-excavator range from 0.8 to 6 tonne that has seen nine new excavator products launched in this range in the last two years. Designed to be easy to transport, both models offer smooth, powerful performance and increased reliability and durability.

TYM Tractors T1003 is a compact, powerful 100hp prime mover capable of handling large aerators or high capacity loaders.
Ideal for contractors, sportsgrounds or as a real workhorse on the golf course, the T1003 has big tractor comforts in the shape of CD player, deluxe cab and rear screen wash/wipe. Loader joystick controls are fitted as standard for ultimate convenience.
A proven Caterpillar/Perkins four cylinder 4.4 litre engine provides the power, driving via a 32×32 speed gearbox, for loader work or at the end of the pitch when aerating.
Lift capacity on the Cat II hitch is 3100kg to handle the heftiest implements, with hydraulic output of 57.3 litres/min and three spool valves. PTO speeds are 500/750/1000 to suit a range of applications.
Also on display will be the 58hp T603, an ideal tractor for loading duties and trailer work or to drive a big mower and cover the acres in parks or open spaces. Yet this is a surprisingly nimble machine, with a 24×24 speed powershuttle transmission for easy manoeuvring. With its spacious cab, the T603 really is a year round tractor, offering creature comforts including heating/ air conditioning and a radio.
Smaller tractors are a TYM speciality, and the 43hp T433 combines the light tread of a compact with a generous specification including an all weather cab, 12×12 synchro shuttle transmission and independent 540prm pto. A category 1 linkage with a lift capacity of 1300kg is ideal for golf course maintenance machinery, but this tractor is as at home on the pitch as on the green, and the optional loader and backhoe make it a great little all-rounder.
Tel: +44 (0)845 838 883 – Fax: +44 (0)845 838 8847 –

ePower Trucks, will be launching two new products at the show. The XT320E electric van is capable of 60 miles on a full charge with its pure lead acid battery pack and the flat bed can carry a 1,000kg payload. The battery technology is adapted from successful military use and requires zero maintenance. Fully road-legal, the XT320E is also rated to tow loads of up to 1,500kg on the road.
The electric light commercial vehicle is also available with a double battery pack, increasing the range to 120 miles. Available in 2WD and 4WD, the multi-purpose van is designed for applications including urban deliveries, facilities maintenance, estates management and landscaping. Priced from just £29,000, this is the most cost-competitive 3.5t electric van on the UK market.
The firm are also launching the E-merge E2, the UK’s first fully road-legal electric golf cart. With a top speed of 25mph and a range of 30 miles on a full battery charge, the E-merge electric vehicle is aimed at specific, lower mileage applications. Costing less than 4p per mile to run, E-merge is one of the most cost-effective green vehicles available.
TEl 0161 6269628

S2T Grass Reinforcement will be exhibiting the NEW PERFO-AK Anchor tile, a grass reinforcement tile with deep anchors to resist movement.
The 100% recycled tiles have a semi closed design, that provides reinforcement whilst allowing drainage through the tiles.
They can be rolled into existing grass or installed in a gravel with or without a sub-base. The top surface can be back filled if required with soil to promote grass growth or back filled with gravel
Tel +44 (0)1992 878 152
Fax +44 (0)1992 878 176
Stand G13A

Rapid Tractors UK have recently introduced its own range of attachments for compact four wheel tractors.
A comprehensive range of grass cutting machinery is available including: Finishing Mowers, Drum Mowers and Flail Mowers for both front and rear mounting, cultivation equipment including Power Harrows, Rotavators and Stone Buriers.
Fertilizers Spreaders are available in both mounted and trailed versions and can also
be fitted with salt spreading kits. Rotary Sweepers, again for front or rear mounting, can be fitted with collectors, kerb brushes, dust suppression kits and are available from 1.25m up to 2.3m
either PTO or Hydraulic driven. Also included is a simple flywheel type Wood Chipper, with feed rollers to take up to 5” (150mm) diameter material, a 350ltr Cement Mixer and our current well known Mini Round Baler and Mini Round Bale Wrapper.
This equipment is typically for tractors from 10hp up to 50hp although certain attachments are available for larger tractors.
Telephone: 01283 730200/01733 844257 Fax: 01283 730060


Charterhouse is using Saltex as the launch pad for a number of exciting new products and also to announce updates to some of its proven designs.
Making its debut is the Rink DS 2000 Top Dresser with a massive 2 cubic metre hopper capacity offering high outputs. The DS 2000 runs on two large wheels for reduced ground compaction and requires a minimum 25 litres per minute oil flow.
At the other end of the scale is the new Rink 940 SP Pedestrian Top Dresser, designed with those customers in mind who have limited access or someone not wishing to tie up a tractor. With a capacity of 200 litres, the 940 SP is powered by a 6.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine via a mechanical drive.
The popular DS 800 and 1200 Top Dressers have undergone substantial remodelling. Redexim have reshaped the hopper giving a lower overall height for easier loading. These models will be on display at Saltex in a new livery, the striking Redexim red.
The Verti Core II 1600 has also been redesigned to give a new look and 1.6 metre working width for high productivity on a variety of sportsturf. Belt drive to both sides of the machine gives a smooth transfer of power to the cranks. With a 10cm (4in) working depth, the Verti Core II 1600 requires a 40 hp tractor.
Showing the versatility of the Charterhouse range, the company’s extensive synthetic maintenance product line will be on display, offering solutions for everything from routine maintenance of all-weather surfaces to specialist renovation.
The Verti-Drain range now includes models from the pedestrian/ride on 7007 for restricted areas to the contractor-specification 7626 with its 2.6m working width and heavy duty mechanism for the toughest aeration jobs.
Tel: +44 (0)1428 661222 – Fax: +44 (0)1428 661218 –

On the Limagrain UK stand visitors can learn more about the newly re-formulated MM50 seed mixture for cricket pitch renovations, and can also collect a copy of Limagrain’s MM grass seed catalogue and wildflower mixtures brochure.
The newly re-formulated MM50 seed mixture from Limagrain UK is a 100% ryegrass blend which now contains higher levels of some of the leading perennial ryegrass cultivars: Malibu (30%) and Venice (35%).
The MM50 seed mixture has a quick recovery from damage and play and is a fine-leaved and hard wearing mix. It has a high shoot density with high disease resistance, and tolerance to very close mowing.
Limagrain’s 2010 wildflower mixtures brochure has details on the full range of mixtures available and their suitability for different environments, as well as giving advice on management and maintenance.
TEl 01522 861300
stand F16


Multihog multi-purpose utility vehicle will be exhibiting two models . The company has now signed up a team of dealers across the UK and will be announcing further details at the show. The Multihog base unit can be fitted with a wide range of attachments making it a one-vehicle solution for all ground care and roadside maintenance applications. From grass and hedge cutting, snow blowing and gritting, road sweeping and cleaning, the Multihog’s all season capability makes it a sound financial option compared with higher investment in a multiple fleet.
The Multihog is robust, diesel powered and hydrostatically driven, and was designed with particular focus on reliability, easy operation and straightforward maintenance. A large cab with a 12v air suspension seat and multi-functional joystick provides a comfortable working environment even throughout long shifts. Front mounted attachments give a clearer view of the task in hand for operators, who also benefit from 360º visibility from the cab. The quick release mechanism makes changing attachments an effortless two minute job, and a 90 hp engine, a top speed of 40km / hour and an impressive towing capacity of 3.5t guarantee a powerful performance for productive operations.
TEl + 353 (0) 42 938 6738 m: +353 (0) 866 015 849
stand W59.

DJ TURFCARE will launch the tough new BUSHRANGER EDGER for turf professionals. Aimed primarily at local authorities and those looking after large landscaped areas, the Bushranger Edger is ideal for producing razor sharp edges, especially up close to paving.
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission finds the Bushranger can cope with the demanding conditions found in war cemeteries where immaculate conditions and neat edges are imperative.
Manufactured by Powerup Lawncare Products of Australia, the Bushranger is powered by a Kawasaki 98cc engine producing 3hp and has a single tough blade which is designed for high-wear and easy maintenance.
Wheel-guided for accuracy and stability, the Bushranger Edger has simple-to-use controls that reduce operator fatigue during long periods of use.
Also on the stand will be the Atom Bunker Edger for golf greenkeepers and Atom Lawn Edgers for domestic users, plus Plugger pedestrian aerators and the Viano organic fertiliser range.
Grounds professionals will also see MOSSGO, a unique proven liquid which quickly and effectively removes moss, algae and lichen from hard surfaces – including all-weather artificial sport surfaces – eliminating increasingly difficult problems for grounds managers.
The Viano range includes RECOVERY, formulated to help turf overcome stressful conditions associated with drought, flood or overplay. It is an ideal autumn or spring fertiliser to give grass a boost to recover from long hot dry conditions, or cold wet winter weather.
Containing Humifirst, a natural ingredient which creates biological activity and acts as a plant growth stimulant, RECOVERY (NPK 8-6-13) also contains magnesium and this combination gives grass the ability to bounce back from stress, including hard wear and scarification.
BIO-LIME is an ideal autumn and winter fertiliser for combating a low pH, sweetening the soil to make it less acid and encouraging healthy strong grass growth – while creating an environment which discourages moss invasion.
Tel 01483 200976
Stand D24.

Turf Teq’s NEW Snow Plough attachment has the following features and will on show on their stand
• Width – 46” (1168mm)
• Height – 17” (432mm)Steel scraping blade
• Pivots 8 deg. to the left and right or works straight ahead
• Oscillates 6 deg. up and down to cope with uneven ground
• Blade is spring-loaded so it will trip if it hits something solid
• Replaceable rubbing strip
Also on show will be the award-winning Power Edger/Trencher, Surface Preparation Rake, Power Broom and Brush Cutter. All these quick-change, walk-behind attachments are powered by the same 13hp, hydrostatic Honda tractor.
Tel 0118 981 1313
Stand V51/51a


SANLI UK will be showing and demonstrating at the show a number of important new additions to its outdoor power equipment and garden machinery line-up.
Among the newcomers from SANLI will be walk-behind and ride-on mowers, a garden tractor, a pair of hedge trimmers and a range of petrol and diesel engines suitable for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and as service replacement units.
Making its world will be SANLI’s first-ever diesel-engined mower in the shape of the SL127AD zero-turn radius (ZTR) ride-on machine with a 48in (1.22m) combined side-discharge and mulching deck. Power to the wheels and cutter blades comes from a new twin-cylinder, water-cooled 18hp diesel engine, capable of meeting the demands of cost-conscious users with larger areas of grass to maintain.
Key features of the new mower include two lever independent zero-turn steering producing exceptional manoeuvrability from a machine offering superb operator visibility and surprisingly low purchase and running costs. Cutting height range is from 30mm – 90mm.
Another all-new SANLI machine will be a 19in (48cm) pedestrian self-propelled roller mower powered by a SANLI 163cc 5.5hp OHV engine. Equipped with a 60 litre grass catcher, soft grip handles and single point cutting-height adjustment, the new mower combines reliable, economical operation with the ability to bring a neat striped finish to ornamental lawns and similar high-profile grass areas.
Tel: 01235 861640 ”
Mobile: 07825 331766 ”

Stand W44 + demo plot W46

Broadwood International are exhibiting a wide range of professional equipment including the Wessex ProGlider trailed system for the Wessex RMX roller mower range. The ProGlider takes the strain and stress of transporting roller mowers off the back-end of the tractor and suspends the mower on road transport wheels, thus eliminating the dangerous and damaging ‘rocking-horse’ effect and minimizing stress on the mower and tractor. In addition the Wessex ProLine RMX 240 and RMX 480 roller mowers will be on display, showcasing this premium brand of high-speed, fine finish grass-cutting machinery.
The TGX150 outfront flail mower and CR15/4 finishing mower will also be shown on the stand.
Groundcare operatives will no doubt be interested to see the Wessex STC120 multi-function collector; this versatile machine can be specified as a flail mower collector, a sweeper collector or a scarifier collector, and really does prove invaluable for grounds maintenance staff across Britain. See it for yourself on the stand.
Other Wessex products displayed by Broadwood will include; trailers, AF and AR ATV mowers, ATV sprayers, Country logsplitters, Country rotovators, and finishing and flail mowers.
After the last two heavy winters, the SnowEx premium range of spreaders has risen to the challenge and proven to be the brand of choice for operators nationwide.
Tel 01420 478111

Team Sprayers of Ely have revisited a past success whose time, they believe, has come again: the ‘Vixen’ self-propelled sprayer, the quiet, efficient and highly manoeuvrable sprayer for green keepers and groundsmen.
A complete re-design sees the new Vixen fitted with a 24v battery powered axle with variable forward and reverse drive and low ground pressure tyres. Battery levels are displayed on the hand control and recharging is quick and simple with the recharger supplied.
The 3m folding boom is equipped 6 triple nozzle assemblies and ‘break back’ sprung protection against contact with stakes or trees. It can be used with full 3m application or 1.5m with one boom folded and nozzles switched off.
The 14 LPM diaphragm pump offers reliable and fully adjustable application rates. A 120 litre polythene tank with wide, filter protected filling facility completes the robust design.
Optional extras include foam bout marker, hand lance and hose kit and ‘Driftmaster’ covered boom.
TEl 01353 661211


IPU Group will be showcasing the new F800X, the latest model to join the Ferris ride-on mower range.
The F800X has a out-front, rather than mid-mount design and it’s low profile is perfect for trimming around trees, bushes and landscape areas with ease. The added advantage of having a low positioned, centralised seat and out front cutting deck make the F800X ideal for cutting up to and under fencing, around trees and other obstacles making it the perfect choice for caravan parks and general landscaping use.
The F800X is fitted with a triple rotary head and is available with either a 61”or 72” cutting deck. The machine is powered by a 30hp Yanmar engine and features two rugged 27 litre fuel tanks for increased acres per hour mowing coverage.
The electric deck lift makes cutting height easily adjustable from 3.8cm – 12.7cm in 0.6cm increments, thus allowing a better, closer, more consistent cut through the patented Ferris iCD 3 blade cutting system.
The IS2500Z series of mowers further expands the Ferris zero-turn line-up, offering diesel power with features and benefits that no other mower can offer. With 3 deck size options available: 48”, 52” or 61”, this machine offers a mid size rider performance with reduced overall weight whilst still maintaining a robust tough exterior. This makes the model ideal for trailer transport.
The IS2500Z can be powered by a choice of 20 or 26hp Yanmar three cylinder engines. Fitted with high capacity fuel tanks it delivers a forward ground speed of 10mph, giving optimum power to weight ratio and workage time. Cutting height is easily adjustable through a foot operated deck lift.
Also showing on the IPU Group stand at Saltex will be the Wright range of Stander mowing machines. New to the fleet is their Rapid Height Stander The Quick Height adjust lever allows the operator to vary cut height between 2.5cm and 12.5cm – in seconds. The compact design of the Wright Stander range allows the operator to gain a low centre of gravity for traction and visibility whilst still maintaining excellent manoeuvrability, unprecedented control, speed and stability.
Tel +44 (0) 121 511 0400
Stand S26

Tracmaster will be launching their new CAMON C8000 Hydraulic Rotavator at the show.
The CAMON C8000 is a fully hydraulic rotavator designed by Tracmaster, and is built to the highest specification to withstand the rigours of daily use in the toughest conditions.
Other machines being displayed and demonstrated throughout the duration of the show include Tracmaster’s CAMON Rotavators and Cultivators, Power Harrow, Stone Burier, Lawn Aerator, Lawn Scarifier, Self-Propelled Turf Cutter, Rotary Mower, Chippers and Shredders, Stump Grinder, Power Brush, Garden Trencher, Hydraulic One-Man Hole Borer, along with the BCS Crusader Power Scythes, Two-Wheel Tractors, and the BCS Commander professional mower.
T: +44 (0) 1444 247689

RECO will be displaying a selection of their range of specialist groundcare and amenity machinery at the show including Kioti Compact Tractors & Utility Vehicles, Grasshopper Zero-Turn Mowers, Ferri Hedgecutters & Verge Mowers and Maschio Rotary Cultivators.
New to the Kioti range of compact tractors for this summer is the DS series. The new compact tractor incorporates all of the quality and reliability renowned with the Kioti brand but is priced specifically to suit tight budgets. The DS is the latest addition to the range of compact tractors from Kioti offering a sleek yet durable, powerful but efficient, 41 and 45hp additions to the range.
Ease of maintenance is a key feature of the new DS series, with all of the serviceable elements positioned on one side of the tractor behind quick-removal covers and a new ‘one-touch’ bonnet hood. A larger air filter increases the necessary service intervals, whilst also extending the life of the engine.
Whilst the high performance, low emission 4 cylinder water-cooled Diesel engine is the proven reliable engine common to other tractors in Kioti’s range, the DS has a new dashboard-mounted, forward-reverse shuttle lever which enables easier operation and faster reverse speeds.
TEl 01480 455151

Avant Tecno will be putting its popular compact, articulated loaders through their paces. These demonstrations are designed to show off the little green machines’ outstanding manoeuvrability and ability to operate the huge choice of attachments available which are designed for use within the groundcare and landscaping markets. This year the attachments include a completely new range of flail and lawn mowers.
New at the show will be the economically priced 400 Series loaders which are powered by Kubota diesel engines with 20 hp on tap. Like all Avant machines the new models are built around a sturdy, articulated chassis complete with a ROPS safety frame and tinted plexiglass roof cover. With the seat positioned in the front half of the machine plus an off-centre boom, the driver has an unrestricted view of the job in hand for maximum precision and safety.
The machine also features a useful telescopic boom for extra stability and versatility which provides a maximum lift height of 2750 mm protected by an audible load sensor alarm to warn the driver if the machine becomes unstable for any reason.
Weighing in at just 980 kg and with a speed range from 0 – 12 km/h, the model 420 is the perfect choice for tasks where a lightweight, easy-to-transport machine is required with enough power to operate most attachments.
Tel: 01953 714896.

Lambert and Dyson will exhibit a full range of tractor PTO driven pressure washers and drain jetters. The range starts with a budget PTO pressure washer at only £595 +VAT. They have a selection of single lance and two lance units, with or without hose reels, or alternatively up to 100m drain jetting hose reel mounted. These units are supplied with a suction hose to draw water from a suitable source and PTO shaft. We will also have on display our range of tank mounted PTO units, both three point linkage mounted and trailed. Carrying up to 1000 litres on board these units have the advantage of being self contained capable of over an hour’s washing between refills.
Also an expanded range of petrol pressure washers, all powered by Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Engines. Ranging from 4hp to 18hp and from 8l/min to 30l/min, – a machine for every task, all either mobile in carry frame or wheeled trolley, or towable on fully road legal highway bowser trailers.
Lambert and Dyson supply a whole range of equipment for high pressure washing in industry and agriculture

01756 794291
07929 204341

Ifor Williams has announced the release of their largest ever unbraked trailer, the P8e. Designed specifically with the groundcare market in mind the P8e offers a 1.45m width and a 2.51m length making it suitable for carrying a range of machinery up to 500kg including many mowers and ATV’s. The optional addition of meshsides makes this trailer perfect for bulky items such as hedge cuttings and standard sized construction boards (8’x 4’). A range of tyre options is available including floatation tyres for improved performance on soft ground.
The Ifor Williams TB range of Tiltbed trailers has proved itself a versatile tool in the groundcare industry since it’s introduction in 2009 and Ifor Williams are building on it’s popularity with the addition of new patented extended mesh sides offering unparalleled user friendliness. These will enable even greater versatility to a trailer which combines the carrying capacity of a flatbed with low loading angles making it perfect for transporting machinery.
Tel. +44 (0) 1490 412626

STM will be showing the Scag, Humus, RoboFlail, BigMow and STM range of machines plus a selection of maintenance products from Mahler Bemeb.
The SCAG SWZ pedestrian, equipped with twin trac grip tyres is capable of steep gradient mowing on all terrains. This hydro drive machine is available as standard with heavy-duty rotary decks from 36” to 61” with 16 to 21hp Kawasaki engines. It is widely used within the amenities sector not least for its power, but also its manoeuvrability, especially in housing estate areas with restricted or difficult access. It is also available with the option of the STM Flail or Reel decks and the Humus Safety mulching deck, specifically designed to extend the versatility of the range further.
The range of hydro drive pedestrian machines from SCAG includes the PRO-V; a machine that STM believe is easier to control than other walk behinds on the market because of its innovative V-bar steering system. The radically simplified steering and motion controls are designed to virtually eliminate hand fatigue – no more squeezing required, helping to reduce hand-arm vibration.
The SCAG zero turn ride-on range consists of six models, offering a choice of cutting deck widths, engine sizes and fuel types including LPG, enabling the professional buyer to select a machine most suitable to the conditions and environment in which it will operate.
New to the range is the SCAG V-Ride stand-on mower, powered by a heavy duty V-Twin Kawasaki FX engine with a tough dual hydraulic pump and wheel motor drive system. It is available with either a 36” Advantage, or the 48” or 52” velocity plus cutter deck, with easy deck lift and cutting height adjustment. STM believe the V-Ride is an ideal option for housing areas and estates, combining the versatility and manoeuvrability of a pedestrian unit with the speed and comfort of a ride-on mower. A further advantage is its compact size taking up the space of a large pedestrian but up to 20% less space and 35% lighter [ideal for easy transportation] than an equivalent ride-on.
STM’s remote controlled RoboFlail mower is the ideal solution for safe mowing of slopes and difficult to reach areas. It can operate effectively on inclines of up to 55° depending on ground conditions and its slope success is due in part to a low centre of gravity, twin independently operated tracks with rubber spikes for extra grip and its zero-turn capability for stability and manoeuvrability.
The Robotic BigMow is ideal for maintaining large lawns, sports fields and golf ranges. Controlled by a computer and guided by a perimeter wire, the machine is driven by rechargeable batteries and returns automatically to its charging station where it fully recharges in approx. one hour before setting off on a new cycle. !
A range of groundscare maintenance products from Mahler Bemab will also be on show including the G1 sweeper, spreaders and ploughs.

Tel 01789 488450,

Thwaites Micro 300 Pedestrian Controlled Micro Dumper is pedestrian controlled and powered by a Honda GXV 160 3.2 kW/4.3 bhp air-cooled commercial petrol engine. The machine is manufactured by Thwaites at its factory in Leamington Spa.
The machine is 700mm wide and able to go through a standard doorway and also has 4 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed to be able to match the speed for the job in hand.
Micro 300 is fitted with equal sized wheels which are fully interchangeable and two or four wheel drive can be selected via the push down lever operated “Adjusta Wheel”. This is a very useful feature as the machine can be operated in two wheel drive on hard surfaces for easier turning.
The dumper also features an automatic failsafe parking brake and easy to operate hand controls consisting of forward/reverse lever, park brake release, clutch lever, skip tip lever and thumb operated throttle lever.
The skip is constructed from 2mm thick steel and the skip mouth is fully welded and reinforced to minimise damage and is also designed for no material traps when tipping.
The micro dumper is also fitted with a remote fuel tank for easy re-fueling which is an important feature for on-site filling.
The Thwaites Micro 300 is available in standard tipping skip configuration and a range of attachments are also available which include :-
Interchangeable Flat Platform Tow Bar – ideal for moving trailers etc. Flotation Wheels – ideal for Landscaping work Dual Wheels – For use on really rough terrain Extended Skip Sides for carrying low density materials – again ideal for some Landscaping work
Thwaites One Tonne Hi Tip
With its very simple foot operated control system and well proven Yanmar engine this machine is also available with grassland tyres for use in Landscaping work.
01926 422471

Hardmet Landforce will be showing the CHIP and DUO models together with a new range of small chippers and other tree surgery and arboricultural equipment which is being launched at the show. Four machines in the DUO range offer contractors, arboriculturalists and hire companies the flexibility of combination chipper/shredder equipment priced to compete with single use types. The 135mm 165mm 200mm and 235mm machines each have an integral shredder that accommodates material up to 50mm in diameter. There are four CHIP chipper models available ranging from 27hp to 54hp and all models are powered by Deutz diesel engines. Hardmet Landforce, based in Evesham, provides full after sales service and support, spares and maintenance.

Tel 01386 834813

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