Impermax Liquid Pool Liner can be used to waterproof any size or shape of pond or water feature. Unlike conventional pool sealants it can be painted directly onto concrete blocks and brickwork without the need for rendering.
Impermax is a highly flexible material and will not compromise the waterproof integrity of a pool or water feature even if there is movement in the structure. It is capable of stretching up to 400% from its original size. Conventional hard sealants have virtually no flexibility and simply crack with any movement in the pond structure.
The finish is comparable to glass fibre (but unlike glass fibre a license is not required for the installation of Impermax). Using only two coats of Impermax will give a membrane thickness of between 1.6mm to 1.9mm – more than twice the thickness of conventional butyl liners.
Impermax is strong enough to be covered with boulders, cobbles and tiles. With conventional pond sealants the concrete has to cure for at least 3 weeks before application, however this is reduced to only 3 days when using Impermax (provided a humidity primer is used first). Due to the large fluctuations in temperature in the UK, anything from -10°C to +90°C, concrete can expand and contract and therefore greatly compromise the integrity of conventional pond sealants. This problem can be eliminated by using the highly elastic Impermax.
Impermax is available in either colours of black or grey as standard. Any RAL colour is available in bulk quantities of 1,000kg or more.

Other versatile uses for the Impermax sealant include:

• Waterproof sealant and root barrier for roof gardens.
• Approved sealant for encapsulation of asbestos.
• Waterproofing of balconies.

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