Revised water code

The HTA welcomes the revised Code of Practice which provides new guidance on the wider range of water use restrictions that water companies can impose during times of water shortage. The revision to the Code, produced by UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) on behalf of water companies spells out the need for water companies to take sensible and proportionate steps to restrict water use, and stresses the importance of clear communication with their customers in advance of any water restrictions being imposed.
Since the widespread drought in 2006, the HTA has lobbied hard to prevent the disproportionate and damaging effects to the garden industry of blanket hosepipe bans. The revised Code demonstrates that our concerns have been registered, and there are several references within the Code to the sensible HTA proposals for better water management. The need for this was endorsed recently by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Caroline Spelman, in a recent broadcast in Radio 4’s Today programme. The new proposals also recognise the phased regimes that are successfully operated in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.
David Gwyther, Director General of the HTA says “The new Code of Practice advocates a more flexible approach to water restrictions than the previous imposition of a crude hosepipe ban. This is both welcome and sensible”.

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