Healthy Pot……Flora-tec

In a study conducted by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Uppsala University, Sweden, the presence of pot plants reduced levels of fatigue, stress and headaches among employees. The research team also found the more plants workers could see the less sick leave they took. Dr Tina Bringslimark, who led the team, felt there was in part a psychological explanation for this and that people who felt plants were healthy evaluated their own health more optimistically.
Meanwhile, a report issued by Washington State University found potted plants were particularly beneficial to people who work in a window-less environment. When plants were present, employees became more productive and had increased reaction times. They were also less stressed and tended to have lower blood pressure levels. The study also founds that dust levels in the workplace could be reduced by up to 20 per cent when foliage plants were present.
“I have long believed that plants in the workplace are much more than just decoration”, says Andy Bradley of Flora-tec who specialises in corporate interior design, installation and maintenance.
“Foliage plants make the enclosed environment greener in every respect”.
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