Recycled furniture

A new range of recycled furniture is helping to reduce the amount of agricultural waste sent to landfill sites and cut emissions by recycling the materials that are used to make the furniture items. The range, distributed by garden suppliers Amberol, includes benches, picnic tables, bins and even bollards.
Made from Plaswood, a recycled material manufactured by British Polythene Industries (BPI), the furniture has impressive eco credentials. Plaswood is made from 100% agricultural polythene waste often used as silage wrap. The BPI is the largest recycler of polythene in Europe and reprocesses over 80,000 tonnes annually.
Currently the only other legal option for disposing of agricultural packaging in the UK is to use a landfill site. Every tonne of polythene that is recycled results in a 33% reduction in emissions of sulphur dioxide and 60% of nitrous oxide. The process also saves 1.8 tonnes of crude oil and reduces water usage by 90%.
“As an ecologically aware company we are committed to creating a cleaner and greener environment and these new products are an important part of that pledge,” comments John Williamson, Marketing Manager at Amberol “Not only does the Plaswood material have a lifespan that is four times longer than wood, but there is no need to paint or treat with chemicals prior to use. The material can even be fully recycled at the end of its long lifespan.”
The furniture is designed for use in public places such as schools, parks and town centres. Unlike timber alternatives, the eco friendly products require no or very little maintenance and are resistant to algae and insect infestation. They are also resistant to graffiti.
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