READYHEDGE – Highest-quality instant hedging

Readyhedge, based at Court Gate Nursery in Eckington near Pershore, Worcestershire, have been growing and supplying top quality instant hedging and screening plants to landscape designers and gardeners since 2003.
With a range of instant hedging that is unrivalled in the UK, Readyhedge have built a reputation for uncompromising quality, innovation and reliability. Supplied ready-spaced and ready to plant, our hedging is available in a huge range of varieties and sizes and can be delivered to order direct to site anywhere in the country. Supplied in one-metre troughs, Readyhedge plants are irrigated, fed and trimmed regularly in the field or container and before despatch, plants are inspected and cleared of any imperfections by hand – we call it hand-crafted hedging.

Now, for even easier handling, hedging is also available in our specially designed Readybags. Readybag hedging, available up to two metres high depending on season and species, delivers a more mature, denser hedge that can be quickly trimmed along the top for an immediate effect within minutes of planting.
The instant hedging concept, now adopted by Readyhedge-affiliated companies in Ireland and the Netherlands, cuts planting time by at least half when compared to placing individual plants, and hedging can be bent to conform to any design template, no matter how complex. We also supply pleached and panelled trees for aerial screening in a range of heights.
For plant range details, more information or no-nonsense advice, contact us on
01386 750585 or visit
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