Lights to Enhance– Day or Night

Garden Lights can be attractive in their own right.  Martin Bennett reports
Many people regard outdoor lighting as an aspect of the garden that is best not noticed until they are in use once darkness falls. The large quantity of lower cost and mass produced lighting has influenced this theory; that lights should be purely functional rather than attractive in their own right.

 There are, however, many light fixtures that blend in fabulously with the garden landscape at night as well as significantly enhance it during daylight hours. Brass and Copper lights are an excellent example of this, with Brass Steplights, Spotlights and Spreadlights providing a specific function once illuminated while also looking beautiful as part of the garden. Copper is also a great material which has a fantastic decorative quality. After a while, Copper will oxidise to change colour, to really look as if they have always been in the garden – as much an ornament as a light.
Copper wall and spotlights are also available in matching styles to the familiar Spike spotlight design, and will give an authentic, elegant, and classy look to any exterior wall.
Various new products such as Rock and Stone Globe lights are designed specially to add to the garden scene, blending in well on gravel pathways and rockeries when not lit. A new product just introduced to the lighting market is the Airlite Path/Bollard light. This unique light has a decorative clear resin head with air bubbles inside giving an effect a little similar to Lava lamps.  This looks great in daylight or at night especially when used with a dichroic coloured lens. It acts as both a standard path light and as an uplighter, so if placed beneath trees the effect is amazing.

Martin Bennett is the founder of Lumena Lights

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